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UHS 3rd Year MBBS Annual Examination Result 2017

The annual examination of third professional MBBS started on 19th of October 2017 and culminated on 2nd of December 2017. There are many rumors around about result. As you all know well that there is no exact date or time mentioned by UHS for results of any proff or discipline. So, no one could surely say that result will be declared on what date or time. Everything is unexpected when it comes the word UHS in mind. Either you are going to appear in UHS exams or waiting for our results , UHS always surprises us. Only those can understand these delicious surprises who have tasted it..!!

As the results of 1st year MBBS and BDS have already been declared last week, and , there is no other professional left except 3rd year MBBS, it is highly expected that Result of 3rd Year MBBS will be declared in a day or two. You can check your result on the given link below.

Result of 3rd Year MBBS 2017

The expected dates of result are 25th,26th and 27th December 2017.

The next in the Results cue is 4th Year MBBS. The result of 4th Year MBBS is expected in 3nd week of January 2018.


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