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YDA ( Young Doctors Association ) Opposes Donation Factors in Private Medical and Dental Colleges

LAHORE: The Young Doctors Association, Pakistan, has appealed to the chief minister to take measures on a war footing to stop attempts by owners of some private medical and dental institutions to replace merit with money.

Donation in Private Medical and Dental Colleges

`Owners of these private institutions guarantee admission to students who do not fulfil criteria -if they pay donations starting from Rs1 million per annum,` said YDAcentral general secretary Dr Salman Kazmi on Monday.

`The Federal Investigation Agency should be involved to end this `loot sale` these businessmen arrange every year in the name of medical education,` said Dr Kazmi while adding the entire leadership of YDA would support this move.

Owners of the private institutions have been attempting to make the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) controversial. `In September, they demanded that private institutions should be free to admit students without the interference of the PMDC or any other institution. At a recent meeting, they threatened that they would not allow any official of the PMDC to inspect their institutions becauseit (the council) is illegal. In fact, they want full freedom to fleece people in the name of medical and dental education.

`The central induction policy for admission to undergraduate courses in medicine and dentistry ensures merit. Admissions to private sector medical and dental colleges should continue to be regulated to ensure merit. All candidates should have an equal opportunity to show their suitability for the MBBS and BDS programmes, he said.

`There are reports that some owners were also behind the alleged leak of MDCAT question paper in Punjab and entrance test in Sindh. This fact should be thoroughly probed,` said Dr Kazmi.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson forPakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) said the body condemned realisation of exorbitant fees from the students on any pretext. `We are completely in agreement with the PMDC that donations and underhand transactions must be stopped.

`We sought fixation of R s900,000 annual fee per student with seven per cent annual increase. We agreed to ñx the annual fee at Rs800,000 though the Punjab government deposed before the Lahore High Court that a sum of Rs2.1 million is being spent on a student per annum in a public sector institution and the amount does not include the capital cost of infrastructure, said the spoke person.

Courtesy : Dawn News

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