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UHS Syllabus of 4th Year MBBS

Syllabus of 4th Year MBBS ( Fourth Professional MBBS). University of Health Sciences Lahore New Syllabus of 4th Year MBBS for all four subjects.

(D) E.N.T.

UHS 4th Year MBBS Theory Syllabus

The Syllabus and Recommended Books by UHS are given in single PDF Link.

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Concept of Health & Disease
􀂃 Concept of health
􀂃 Definition of health (Dimensions, physical, mental, social and spiritual).
􀂃 Spectrum of health
􀂃 Determinants of health. Responsibility for health
􀂃 Indicators of health
􀂃 Concept of disease. Concept of causation (all theories including ecological triad, agent, host &
environmental factors).
􀂃 Spectrum of disease. Iceberg phenomenon.
􀂃 Natural history of disease. Levels of prevention.
􀂃 Disease elimination and eradication. Disease surveillance.
Introduction to Public Health and Health Systems in Pakistan
Background and Concepts:
􀂃 Definitions and concepts in Public Health
􀂃 Development of Public Health in Pakistan.
􀂃 Economics and Health. Health Policy and planning in Pakistan.
􀂃 “Health for all”, background, concepts and progress.
􀂃 “Primary Health Care”: Concepts and progress.
􀂃 The National Disease Control programmes; policies, strategies and operations.
Health System in Pakistan:
􀂃 The role of Federal and Provincial Governments in Health care.
􀂃 The District Health System, in the context of devolution.
􀂃 The Physician as a manager:
􀂃 Functions of manager, management of material, human and financial resources.
􀂃 Leadership and motivation.
Partners in Health:
􀂃 The public and private sector.
􀂃 Nongovernmental Organizations and International Agencies.