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TOS and Important Topic wise SEQs of Pharmacology sorted out from Send Up Exams

Pharma Sendups sorted out SEQs for 3rd Year MBBS

TOS and Important SEQs of Pharmacology sorted out from Send Up Exams

Pharmacology  TOS ( Table of Specification)

General Pharma 1SEQ
Autonomic Nervous System 1SEQ
Central Nervous System 1SEQ
NSAIDs + Blood 0.5=0.5
Cardiovascular System 1SEQ
Endo 1 SEQ

Gastrointestinal tract+Respiration 0.5+0.5

1st 4 chapters of chemo 1 SEQ
Antimycobacterial drugs/antifungal/antimalarial 1 SEQ
anticancer+Antiviral drugs 0.5+0.5


General Pharma 5
Autonomic Nervous System 4
Central Nervous System 7
NSAIDs/Antigout drugs/Antirheumatoid drugs 5
Cardiovascular System 5
Diuretics 3
Blood 3
Gastrointestinal tract 4
Respiratory system 4
Antimicrobials & Antibiotics of general use 6
Antimycobacterial drugs/Antiprotozoal Drugs/Anthelmintics 3
Antifungal/Antiviral drugs 2
Antineoplastic drugs 4
Endocrine system 7
Miscellaneous drugs (Antihistamines, Autacoids,
Chelating agents, Drugs used in glaucoma) 3

General Pharmacology
3a-what are spare receptors?what is their clinical importance?
a-write down different types of g-protein coupled receptors,their effectors and 2nd messengers in a tabulated form (CPMC)What is receptor?explain spare receptor with egs(SZMC)
Define Idiosyncrannsy,Bioavailability,therapeutic index?(SZMC)
define bioavailability,itz clinical significance?(AIMC)
. various types of drug antagonism wid xamles(AIMC)
.Define following(WMC
first pass effect
plasma half life
.define first pass effect,bioavailability,phase 2 reactions,zero order elimination,determinants of distribution(SMC)
Define Plasma half life+clinical sig(MMDC)
Xplain up&down regulation with
Describe Phrmakokinetic & Pharmacodynamic tolerance with e.g of drugs?(PMC)
Describe Volume of distribution(PMC)
of Gentamycin in cirrhotic pt with massive pleural effusion n ascites?
Theophyline in obese pt(150 kg)
Therapeutic dose of digoxin in 90 yr old p of CCF(45kg)
Write note on Idiosyncransy(LMDC)
Define bioavailabilty,tachyphylaxis,volume of distribution(LMDC)
Define with 1 eg,pharmacokinetic tolerance,pharmacodynamic tolerance & cross tolerance(FMH)
What is predictable type A reaction n give 2
a..just write henderson hasselback equation?(UMDC) does changes in urine pH increses renal clearence of drugs?UMDC)
c.what is zero order elimination?(UMDC)
enlist 2nd messengers(WMC)
Define & differentiate efficacy & potency(AIMC)
Whats 1st pas metabolism,give 2 enzyme inhibitors(AIMC)
Define plasma half life and how wil u calculate it?(AIMC)
A new anti hypertensive has undergone toxicological & safety profile studies in animals,Now its usefulness is being compared with a reference drug,With the help of graded dose response curve how can v determine clinical efficacy & potence of this drug(RMC)


9a-classify opioid analgesics according to their affinity for opioid receptors?(CNS)(CPMC)
B-name opioid antagonist?what is specific about their pharma cokinetics?and give their clinical use.
c-define the following terms:-
1- MAC
2-blood gas partition coefficient
10a-classify antipsychotics. what are the distinguishing features of atypical and anti psychotics?(CPMC)
b-what are advantrages and disadvantages of propofol?(CPMC)
c-what is mechanism of action of Benzodiazepines?(CPMC)
write short note on ketamine(UMDC)
Enumerate atypical anti psychotics,How do they difer from traditiobal anti psychotics(RMC)
Describe adverse effects of benzodiazepines(RMC)
Xplain clinical use and drug interactions of SSRIs(RMC)
classify benzodiazipene on their duration of action(UMDC)
write differnce between mode of action of benzodiazipine and barbiturates?(UMDC)
what are chronic effects of ethyl alchol?(UMDC)
how PETHEDINE differfromMORPHINE in pharmacological effects?(UMDC)
classify drugs used in parkinsonism(SMC)

Define neuroletpic syndrome,serotonin syndrome,flu like syndrome n reye’s syndrome(SMC)
theurapeutic uses of benzodizapines(WMC)
difference bw typical nd atypical antiphysiotic drugs(WMC)
..wat iz rationale for prefering benzodiazepines over barbiturates as sedative hypnotics?(AIMC)
.xplain MOA ov typical n atypical antipsychotic drugz(AIMC)
moa nd use of benzodiazpines?
MOA of valproic acidand its adverse effect
Whats rationale 4 use of citalopram in GAD,Risperidone in schizophrenia,Valproic acis as anti epileptic?(SZMC)
Enumerate TCAs(MMDC)
Briefly describe clinical uses of benzodiazepines(MMDC)

Describe adverse effects of Barbiturates(QMC)

Name Atypical Antipsychotics n give thaer MOA?(QMC)

Describe briefly non psychotic indications of Anti psychotics(QMC)

Give adverse effects of Anti Psychotics(QMC)

Name serotonin agonists,discus briefly Cyproheptadine?

Name drugs used 4 acute attacks of migraine & its prophylaxis(PMC)

Give MOA of local anesthetic soln(lidocaine+adrenaline) used by dentists 4 tooth xtraction?(PMC)

Give GABA receptors & 3 clinical uses of Opioid Analgesics(PMC)

Enumerate drug of choice 4 relief of(PMC)
Headache or mild to moderate arthritic pain(1 gp)

Neurogenic pain(4 gp)

Severe or malignant chronic pain(1 gp)

Give drugs used 4 trigeminal neuralgia(PMC)

Enumerate 4 most common side effects of Risperidone,Phenytoin sodium,Fluoxetine(PMC)

How do benzodiazepines and barbiturates difer in their MOA?(AIMC)

What makes propofol a popular I/V anesthetic(AIMC)

Write adverse effects of fentanyl when used in a major cardiovascular surgical procedure?(AIMC)

Whats MOA & Adverse effects of valproic acid?(AIMC)

Write different dopaminergic pathways,How do anti psychotics produce their adverse effects?(AIMC)

Enumerate 3 drugs that cause Parkinson like effects(FMH)

Enumerate 3 atypical neuroleptics(FMH)

Give 4 advantages of atypical over typical neuroleptics(FMH)

Give 3 advantages & disadvantages of propofol(FMH)

Discus 2 adverse effects of halothane(FMH)

Enlist opioid receptors,What actions of opioids r mediated thru individual receptors(RMC)

Describe balanced anesthesia technique(RMC)


b-give mechanism of action of following drugs(CVS)
2-sodium nitroprusside
2a-classify anti –arrhythmic drugs/(CVS)
b-give any 4 adverse effects of Amiodrane?
c-give electrical effects of Digoxin on heart in a tabulated form?
what are therapeutic uses of diuretics?(UMDC)

what will be consequences of combining thiazide diuretic with sulfonylurea,uricosuric agents,NSAIDS?(UMDC)

what are causes of diuretic refractoriness and its management/(UMDC)

what are adverse effects of orrganic nitrates?(UMDC)

describe mode of action of class1 antiarrythmia?(UMDC)

how digoxin increases cardiac contaractility?(UMDC)

what are adverse effect of ACEinhibitor?(UMDC)

clinical uses and adverse effects of k sparindg diuretics?

MOA of qunidineas antiarytmic agent?

xplain mechanism for clinical usefulnesss of

A,,thiazide diuretics in hypertension(AIMC)

,digoxin in atrial fibrillation(AIMC)

Drugs groups in hypertension(WMC)

Which anti hypertensives startd before pregnancy can b continued in a pregnant pt n which shal b immediately discontinud(RMC)

Treatment of acute M.I(WMC)

senerio of heart faliure.drugs used in treatment of ventricular arrythmais n Moa of verapamil(SMC)

Enumerate drugs used in CCF(SZMC)

Role of nitrates in angina(SZMC)
Y r loop diuretics clinically useful in mild to moderate HTN?(MMDC)

Y Quinidine is clinically useful in arythmias?(MMDC)
Enumerate principles that shud b folowd 4 use of anti arythmiacs use in atrial fibrillation(PMC)

Enumerate +ve ionotropic drugs,Give MOA of that +ve ionotropic drug which is used in cardiogenic shock?Y is this drug not used 4 a long time(PMC)

Enumerate 3 clinical uses & adverse effects of Calcium chanel blockers?(PMC)

60 yr old man is using Captopril for treatment of heart failure,Write pharmacological basis 4 its use in this condition & mention its clinical uses(LMDC)

Y is Furosemide used in acute pulmonary edema(LMDC)

Y r Thiazide diuretics used as anti hypertensives(LMDC)

Enumerate drugs used in unstable angina(LMDC)

Enumerate 3 diuretics& 3 Prostaglandins used in glaucoma, What is the rationale of giving these groups in glaucoma?(FMH)

What is rationale of giving Beta blockers in arythmic pts(FMH)

How serum electrolytes affect digoxin toxicity?(FMH)

Give Manitol use in Acute congestive glaucoma?(PMC)

Give electrolytic & metabolis adverse effects of loop diuretics(PMC)

Give pharmacological basis 4 use of Ace inh n digoxin in CCF(QMC)

Classify vasodilators,give MOA & adverse effects of  sodium nitroprusside(QMC)

Write down MOA & uses of Amiodarone,lignocaine & Adenosine(QMC)

What is basis 4 use of beta blockers in HTN,Oesophageal varices,CCF(AIMC)

A 55yr old male pt comes with features of  chronic heart failure,Enlist drugs used to treat him,What type of ECG changes wil b seen in digoxin toxicity(AIMC)

Give adverse effects & CI of Ace inh?(AIMC)

By what Mech nitrates relieve symptoms of angina of effort(AIMC)

How does coronary steal phenomenon occur(AIMC)

What r different Mechs by which Amiodarone terminates different arythmias,what do u understand by reverse use dependent blockade of  K chanels & its consequences(AIMC)

Name mechanical & electrical effects of digoxin on failing heart(RMC)

Give Mode of anti hypertensive effects of Beta blackers(RMC)


Classify sympathomimetics a/c to their clinical use(SZMC)

Whats pharmacological basis for use of muscarinic agonists in eye n git?(SZMC)

Enumerate 2 drugs causing Malignant Hyperthermia n drug used in its management(PMC)

4a-give 6 important clinical uses of beta blockers? mention specific drugs used and their mechanism of action in each particular condition?(ANS)(CPMC)
b-give in atabulated form various drugs used in glaucoma and their mechanism of action?((CPMC)
5a-define anti-cholinesterase?give any three therapeutic uses of Neostigmine with rationale of their use?((CPMC)
four imp clinical uses of propranolol wid mechanism of its effects? (AIMC)

clasify antimuscurinic acording 2 their clinical uses(AIMC)



how beta bloker nd cholinomimet decrease intraocular presure?

draw flow diagram og angiotensin antagonist MOA?

discuss various types of adrenergic receptors with their location(WMC)
enumerate theupautic uses of epinephrine(WMC)
Gv 5 imp uses of Beta Blockers with order of preference(MMDC)

Classify sympathomimetics a/c clinical uses?(MMDC)

Give 3 Beta Antagonists used in CCF + their beneficial role in CCF?(PMC)

Give Alpha Antagonist preferred over Prazosin in BPH and y?(PMC)Give its MOA in pt of BPH?(PMC)

How Cholinergic & Myasthenic crisis can b differentiated(PMC)
Y neostigmine is preferred over physostigmine in myasthenia treatment?(PMC)

Enumerate drugs used 4 treatment of organophosphorus poisoning(PMC)

An untraind nurse gave penicillin i/v in 5o yr old without tstng sensitivity,he got anaphylactic shock,wat drugs wil b used 4 management n their routes of administration

Enumerate 5 clinical uses of sympathomimetics with egs(LMDC)

Give location,structural features and post receptor mechanisms of M2 receptors(AIMC)

What is drug treatment of organophosphorus poisoning(AIMC)

Y phentolamine causes more tachycardia than prazosin(RMC)

Enumerate uses of physostigmine(RMC)


Pharmacological uses of aspiin(SZMC)

b-give mechanism of action of oral anti-coagulants(CPMC)
c-what are pharma co kinetics of aspirin? how it can cause damage to gastricx mucosa?(CPMC)
classify ANTIHYPERLIPIDEMICS with examples in each group?(UMDC)

what are differnces b\w ASPIRIN & PARACETAMOL?(UMDC)

Give drug interactions of statins(RMC)

How aspirin n phenylbutazone can interact with warfarin when co-administered(RMC)

what are adverse effects of colchicine?(UMDC)

how STREPTOKINASE produce its beneficial effects in CORONARY ARTEY THROMBOSIS?(UMDC)


classify antihistamine acording to generations?

classify anti platelets?

MOA of warfarin(WMC)

differences bw LMW nd unfractioned heparin(WMC)

Moa of aspirin nd its pharmacological actions(WMC)

TNF-a drugs nd side effects(WMC)

.drugs used in treatment of chronic gout n moa of allopurinol(SMC)

Advantage of LMWH over Heparin(SMDC)

Adverse effects of Warfarin(SMDC)

How NSAIDS exert anti platelet&Anti inflammatory effects?(MMDC)

MOA of Methotrexate in treatment of RA(MMDC)

What is rationale 4 use of low dose aspirin 4 antiplatelet action?(PMC)

Give adverse effects n antidote 4 heparin?(LMDC)

Name drugs which interfere with 5 lipoxygenase pathway & their MOA(AIMC)

Name diff Fibrinolytic agents n their uses(AIMC)

Whats MOA of warfarin n its interactions(AIMC)

Adverse effects of niacin(AIMC)

Advantages&disadvantages of COX-2 selective inhibitors?(AIMC)

Compare and contrast acetaminophen n aspirin regarding their clinical uses?(AIMC)

Tabulate 4 differences b/w high and low molecular weight heparin(FMH)

Discus MOA of Gemfibrozil(FMH)

3 dose related therapeutic uses of aspirin(FMH)

Discus anti inflammatory effects of corticosteroids(FMH)

classify DMARDS?(UMDC)


. wat iz rational for use of allupurinol for lowering of urates in gout?(AIMC)


MOA nd adverse efects of OMEPARAZOL?

antiemetic and prokinetic action of METOCLOPARAMIDE

.what iz the mechanism of action of metoclopramide,enumerate its adverse effect(AIMC)

How do omeprazole n metoclopramide produce benefits(SZMC)

Enumerate names,MOAs,side effects of PPIs?(MMDC)

Describe use of anti microbials n omeprazole in peptic ulcer(PMC)

Give 4 drugs that prevent chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting(PMC)

How do omeprazole n metoclopromide produce beneficial effects(LMDC)

Clasify anti emetics(AIMC)

Drug intractins & adverse effects of Cimetidine(AIMC)


A 40 yr old lady taking NSAIDS for her arthritis for many months,wat r various strategies for prevention of drug induced gastritis?(AIMC)

Give drug interactions & adverse effects of  Cimetidine(RMC)


b-classify neuro muscular blockers?(SK.M)
c-give mechanism of action of succinylcholine with one important clinical use?SK>M)(CPMC)
compare non depolarizing NM bloker with depolarizing NM bloker?UMDC)
Enumerate 2 drugs causing Malignant Hyperthermia n drug used in its management(PMC)

Classify NMJ Blockers,give 2 egs of each category(PMC)

Name drug used to reverse phase 1 block caused by sucinylcholine(RMC)


Therapeutic uses of Prostaglandins?

Name different preparations of Prostaglandins n thaie therapeutic uses(QMC)

Nmae 4 clinical uses of Ergot Alkaloids(PMC)

Enumerate histamine receptors with their location(1 only) (PMC)

Enumerate 3 diuretics& 3 Prostaglandins used in glaucoma,What is the rationale of giving these groups in glaucoma?(FMH)

What r different uses of prostaglandins(UMDC)


25 yr old girl iz suffering from acute severe attack of bronchial asthama,which drug may b usefull for her treatement,give their usefulness(AIMC)

Describe role of Montelukast in bronchial Asthma(PMC)

What r advantages of ipratropin over atropine in treatment of bronchial asthma(RMC)

Enumerate 2 drugs causing Malignant Hyperthermia n drug used in its management(PMC)

classify anti asthmatic drugs(WMC)

management of severe asthma(WMC)

Drugs used in the management of chronic asthma(SMC)

Enlist drugs useful in treatment of bronchial Asthma(SZMC)

25yr old girl with chronic bronchial asthma,enumerate 4 drugs that r used in her treatment with routes of administration(MMDC)

Describe role of coricosteroids in managing bronchial asthma(PMC)

Give MOA of clas aminophyline belongs to,give adverse effects of aminophylin on organ systems(LMDC)
Role of cromolyn in bronchial asthma treatment(AIMC)

Enumerate 2 expectorants & mucolytics n give diference in their MOA?(FMH)


Therapeutic uses of glucocorticoids(SZMC)


note on tamoxifen?

. a 30 yr old male is suffering from type 1 diabetes, wt iz the role of oral anti diabetic drugs(AIMC)

.45 yr old lady is taking prednisolone since last 6 month, adverse effect due to glucocorticoids(AIMC)

Various insulin preprations(WMC)

Adverse effects of chronic glucocorticroids therapy(WMC)

.40 yr old pt with type 2 diabetes n role of meglitinides(SMC)

name two bigunides?which one of them is disconetcd and why?(UMDC)

how they reduce high blood glucose level in diabetis?(UMDC)

therapeutic use of insuline enlist them?(UMDC)

a 30yr old male has type 1 DM,What maybe role of insulin in this pt(MMDC)

45 yr old lady taking glucocrticoids since last 6 months,what maybe the adverse effects in her(MMDC)

Name Anti androgens(QMC)

Describe briefly finasteride(QMC)

Describe therapeutic uses of anabolis steroids(QMC)

Write side effects of anabolic steroids & androgens(QMC)

Enumerate drugs used 4 thyrotoxicosis crisis(PMC)

Give MOA of Metformin n its toxicity?(PMC)

Give MOA & clinical uses of Insulin(Regular)

Give 4 drugs that cause hyperglycemia(FMH)

Y regular insulin is injected half an hour before meal(FMH)

Iodide salts used in thyrotoxicosis(UMDC)

What r different uses of prostaglandins(UMDC)

Enumerate severe adverse effects of oral contraceptives(QMC)

Give MOA of Pioglitazone &  Glimiperide(QMC)

Give contraindications of corticosteroids(QMC)

Give adverse effects of anthracyclin antibiotics,metronidazole n sulphonylureas(RMC)


6-what do you understand by the term Mixed amebicide? Which is the drug of choice for this condition?(CHOEMO)
b-give mechanism of action and 3 important adverse effects of this drug?
c-how would you treat chloroquine resistant plasmodium falciparum malaria?(CPMC)

7-which drug combination is used for the radical use of malaria?how this drug combination is effective?(CHEMO)
b-give mechanism of action of isoniazid?what is the standard regime for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis?(CHEMO)
c-enumerate drugs used for hepatic viral infections?what is the specific agent used for treatment of hepatitis c and give its adverse effects?(CHEMO)(CPMC)

8a-name various phases of cell division?enumerate anti cancer drugs acting in each phase i.e. cell cycle specific drugs(CHEMO)
b-name anthracycline antibiotics?what are their adverse effects and why certain organs are more prone to this toxicity?(CHEMO)(CPMC)
what is rationale of using PRIMAQUINE in malaria & what are adverse effects of CHLOROQUINE?(UMDC)



MOA ethambutol and its adverse effects?

MOA inhaled anesthetics?

name drugs use in prevention of MALARIA?




ADVERSE EFFECTS OF flooroquinolones?(UMDC)

a 40 yr old male iz admitted in ED wid life tjreatining anaerobic infection which 4th generation fluoroquinolone may b given(AIMC)

adverse effect of tetracycline?(AIMC)

16 yr old girl has been diagnosed as a fresh case of pulmonary TB select at least 4 drugs from the agents of 1st line therapy, explain the rationale for prescribing pyridoxine along wid isoniazid(AIMC)

what r mechanism of induing resistance in microorganism against beta lactam antibiotics(AIMC)

a 25 yr old hepatitis C positive case is admitted in hospital, which drugs can b used for him ,adverse effect of any one of these(AIMC)

adverse effect of antineoplastic drugs on healthy dividing cells(AIMC)

a)enlist drugs used in choloroquine resitant plasmodium falciparum(WMC)

Give MOA nd theuraputic uses of metronidazole(WMC)

classify anticancer drugs according to MOA,modes of resistance to these drugs(SMC)
anti primary t.b drugs safe in pregnancy.(SMC)

Drugs against hept c virus in a pregnant lady witn moa of interferons(SMC)
Name azoles,moa and resistance with clinical uses(SMC)

drug used in chloroquine resistant malaria n resistance n moa of chloroquine(SMC)
adverse effects of chloremphanicol.clasify flouroquinolones(SMC)
MOA n uses of Sulfasalazine(SMC)
Detailed classification of antibiotics a/c to MOA in the form of floe chart(SMC)
Anticancer groups & Resistance development against them(SMC)

Enumerate drugs effective against pseudomonas aeruginosa?(SMC)

Name drug which has interference with peptidoglycan n transpeptidation?(SMC)

What r clinical uses of Ciprofoxacin+Vancomycin(SZMC)

A young man is put on anti TB therapy,What r adverse effects that might appear in him n ways to overcome them?(SZMC)

Give Clinical uses of Metronidazole n chloroquine(SZMC)

What r adverse effects of Interferon-a,n Amphotericin-B, Cyclophosphamide, Vinca Alkaloids?(SZMC)

MOA of Cephalosporins+therapeutic uses(MMDC)

Advese effects of aminoglycosides(MMDC)

25 yr old pt with AIDS admitted in hospital,which drugs can b used 4 him?gv adverse effects of any 1 of them(MMDC)

List advers effects of Alkylating Agent(MMDC)

An adult is suffering from acute attacks of malaria,what r drugs used in plasmodium falciparum sensitive cases(MMDC)

Clinical uses+adverse effects of Metronidazole(MMDC)

Describe MOA of Co Trimoxazole(QMC)

Enumerate 4 procedures 4 disinfection of blood of pt suffering from viral Hep B?(PMC)

Describe Volume of distribution of Gentamycin in cirrhotic pt with massive pleural effusion n ascites?(PMC)

Enumerate 4 side effects of INH n Rifampin separately,Y Vit B6 is imp 4 pt taking INH?(PMC)

Enumerate drug 4 oropharyngeal thrush n its MOA?(PMC)

Discus pharmacokinetics of aminoglycosides(FMH)

Xplain basis of combininf penicillin & clavulaunic acid(FMH)

Whats advantage of liposomal amphotericin B over conventional Amphotericin b(FMH)

Give 3 drug interactions of ketoconazole(FMH)

Enumerate drugs 4 malaria prevention in travelers(FMH)

Whats drug of choice 4 cutaneous leishmaniasis n pnemuocystitis carinii(FMH)

Hoe interferon is effective as anti viral(FMH)

Give MOA of methotrexate(FMH)

Name 1 drug which causes hemorrhagic cystitis n how wil u treat it(FMH)

How tamoxifen is effective as anti cancer(FMH)

Dentist intends to xtract a tooth of boy wid H/o Valvular dis+RA,gv 2 antibiotics which wil prevent endocarditis n MOA in them?

Give indications & pharmacological basis of leucovorin rescue therapy,n mesna rescue therapy?(QMC)

MOA & side effects of AMikacin(QMC)

Antimicrobial spectrum of Clindamycin(QMC)

Uses & MOA of Ceftiaxone(QMC)

Enlist luminal amoebicidal agents n give uses of metronidazole(QMC)

b)First line anti TB drugs with their adverse effects(WMC)
Give drug interactions of fluroquinolones & & tetracyclins(RMC)
Describe MOA of 2 first line anti TB drugs present in most combination regimens(RMC)

What pharmacological therapy would b helpful in treating a 35 yr old dengue pt(RMC)

Enumerate drugs used 4 HIV treatment(RMC)

antiviral drugs used in HBV infection(WMC


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