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Punjab Residency Program 2017: Latest CIP Marks Distribution for PG ship in Punjab

Marks Criteria

Please note that Marks Criteria is automatically incorporated in this system to evaluate your
application against the set parameters
40 marks for FCPS part1 and JCAT.
20 marks for degree and 5 marks for attempts.
5 marks for studying in a public institute. 2.5 marks for House Job from a Public Institution under
the Health Department, Government of the Punjab. 2.5 marks for the Parent Institution e.g. If a
student has studied at King Edward and is applying at the same institute, he will get 2.5 marks,
but if the same candidate is applying to another Institute, he will not get the 2.5 marks.
20 marks for experience.
5 marks for research papers.
Maximum marks for experience: 20
Minimum experience is 6 months.
No marks for experience less than 6 months.
In experience more than 6 months, every single month is calculated to give benefit to everyone
who has a month’s edge in the experience.
If you have experience of 6 months, Marks for Secondary would be 2.5 and Marks for Primary
would be 5.
If you have experience of 7 months, Marks of Secondary would be 2.916666667 and Marks for
Primary would be 5.833333333.
Similarly every single month after 6th Months experience will be counted in and given marks

Central Induction Policy Latest Rules 2017

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