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Main and Reference Books to Study in 3rd Year MBBS

According to Seniors and current Medical Students , 3rd Year MBBS is the most tough and lengthy year. The syllabus of 3rd Year MBBS is extremely bulky. In Pakistan, 3rd Year Medical Students study four subjects i.e;

  1. Pharmacology
  2. General Pathology and Microbilogy
  3. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  4. Behavioural Sciences

There is great need to study smartly and wisely to cover all syllabus with the curriculum. If you have started ready the big books thoroughly , take a break , breath deep and think what you are doing is right or wrong?

Of course , studying big books increase your knowledge many folds, but , sitting in professional exam , you need only key points to write in paper and get through this toughest year.

So, always try to study what has more volume in Annual Exam. Most importantly , make your grip hard on what you study.

Pharmacology is considered most tough subject in 3rd Year MBBS because of its volatile nature. You need to memorize drugs many times to get them retained in your brain. Similarly, Pathology and Microbiology is less than Pharmacology. Spare proper time for both bulky subjects to keep a solid grip on these subjects.

Books to Study in 3rd Year MBBS


Mini Katzung is more than sufficient to pass the proff.

Additionally , you can study Multiauthor, Lippincott and KaplanĀ  ( Reference Books)

Adding Kaplan to your book shelf and hard drive will make you bonus marks.

ANS is most important and has great value in Pharmacology. Try to watch Dr. Najeeb Lectures and Kaplan Lectures to get grip on ANS.

Pathology and Microbiolgy

For General Pathology Medium Robbin is best. Further you can keep Firdous and Essentials of Pathology . Essential of Pathology is written by Dr. Hafiz Ullah Khan and probably the best short book for General pathology.

For Microbiology , Levnson is the best. If you just want to pass the exam, study summaries and Clinical Features from the main chapter. That is quite enough for your proff exam.

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Forensic Medicine : Naseeb R Awan ( NRA)

Toxicology : Shahbaz

Refrence Book : Amir Saleem and Paraikh

Behavioral Science

New Addition of Muaddat Rana is the best book for BS.

A new book of BS by Mubashar Iqbal is also available in market , which is quite helping, easy wording , short and above all is the extract of M.Rana and many other great authors. We will highly recommend BS book by Mubashar Iqbal.