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An Estimate of Expenditure of PLAB from day one till GMC Registration

This post can give you an idea of your total expenditure on your PLAB journey, from the day you begin studying for PLAB 1, until the day you get your first job. It does not include the cost of travelling to the UK for your first job.


Breakdown of Expenses

IELTS UKVI Academic £200
PLAB 1 £230
PLAB 2 £840
Visa fee £100 – £200
Return Ticket £400 – £700
PLAB 2 Course £600 – £1,000
Course Accommodation £100- £150 per week
Exam Accommodation £50 – £100
Food £7 – £10 per day
Groceries £100 – £200 per month
Intracity Travel £100 per month
Intercity Travel £50 – £200
GMC registration £425
Unseen expenditures £0 – £500
Total £4,000 – £6,000


Factors Affecting Total Cost:

The total cost of your journey depends on the following factors:

  1. Duration of stay in the UK.
  2. Lifestyle in the UK.
  3. The presence of family or friends in the UK.
  4. If you travel for interviews in person or if you prefer Skype interviews (most employers accept Skype interviews).


Rough  Estimate Only:

Of course, the numbers mentioned above are supposed to give you only a rough idea. The cost of your own journey to the UK might be different, based on the factors mentioned above.



Compared to other countries’ exams, the whole PLAB journey costs a lot less.

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