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3rd Year MBBS Complete Study Data of Patho Pharma Forensic and BS

Educational Blog`s Medical Core is always trying its best to provide the most useful and valuable medical data to all medical students round the country. For years, we have been uploading the unique data on medical for all MBBS professional exams. Now, we have decided to make our medical section more strong and active to provide every possible data on all the subjects. For this reason, soon we are changing categories and sections so that all data could be accessed with more ease and convinience.

3rd Year MBBS Important MCQs, SEQs, Past Papers, Solved MCQs and SEQs, OSPE stuff, VIVA questions, class tests, Term Tests, Send ups, syllabus, TOS, Books Guide and everything you would need to pass your 3rd Year MBBS

First of all we are compiling up all previous posts on Educational Blog. Later, we will keep updating this page with new posts so that you won`t have to stray for all the data you need.

TOS, Syllabus and BOOKS Guide

Solved Past Papers by MedCom

Unsolved Past Papers

Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Pathology and Microbiology




Forensic Medicine and Toxicology




Pharmacology Important Data


General Pathology and Microbiology Important Data


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