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2nd Year MBBS : Anatomy Biochemistry and Physiology Complete Study Data

For the sake of convenience and easy access to each and every thing related to Second Year MBBS , Educational Blog has compiled up all data of 2nd year MBBS on a single page. So that , our respected medical members can avail all important data hassle free. This page contains all posts since start, and we will keep updating this with new posts and data. From Syllabus to Original University MCQs , every thing little and bigĀ  is included at this page.

2nd Year MBBS Important MCQs, SEQs, Solved and Unsolved Past Papers, OSPE Data, Results, Date Sheets, Syllabus & TOS

2nd Year MBBS is one of the most toughest years of MBBS. The bulky syllabus of Anatomy , Biochemistry and Physiology takes big time to cover. Studying inteligently makes this year much easy. Students who only work hard and become book worms often feel more difficulty in getting through this. So, always work Hard and Smart. Less and smart study is more effective than just keeping your heads on books all the time.

Here is all the necessary data you will need in 2nd year MBBS, the Physio and Biochem Notes will lessen your burden a lot. For Anatomy , you will have to work a bit hard.

Syllabus and TOS of 2nd Year MBBS:

Solved Past Papers of 2nd Year MBBS by MedCom

Past Papers Unsolved:






UHS 2nd Year MBBS Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies Annual Paper 2016



Anatomy Data for 2nd Year MBBS


OSPE Data:



Biochemistry Data for 2nd Year MBBS


OSPE Data:

  1. Important Biochemistry OSPE questions for 2nd year MBBS
  2. UHS Biochemistry OSPE questions for 2nd year MBBS
  3. Important Refrence Values of Biochemistry 2nd year MBBS



Physiology Data




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