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1st Year MBBS : Anatomy | Physiology and Biochemistry Complete Study Stuff

For the sake of convenience and easy access to each and every thing related to First Year MBBS , Educational Blog has compiled up all data of 1st year MBBS on a single page. So that , our respected medical members can avail all important data hassle free. This page contains all posts since start, and we will keep updating this with new posts and data. From Syllabus to Original University MCQs , every thing little and big thing is included at this page.

1st Year MBBS Study Data by Educational Blog

The study data for 1st year MBBS or First Professional MBBS contains :

Syllabus, TOS , Unsolved Past papers , Solved past papers , MCQs, OSPE stuff , VIVA questions , Important Questions by unit wise of all three subjects of 1st Year MBBS :-


1-Important SEQs of Upper Limb

2-Important SEQs of General Anatomy

3- Important SEQs of General Embryology

4- Important SEQs of Histology

5- Important SEQs of Lower Limb

6- Histology Slides : Histo Slides for 1st Year MBBS

7- Standardized Identification Points for Histology Slides for 1st Year MBBS

8- Revised Syllabus and TOS of Anatomy

9- Upper Limb Lower Limb Thorax and Embryology MCQs for 1st Year MBBS

10- Histology MCQS for 1st Year MBBS

11- Important MCQs of Anatomy 1st Year MBBS

12-Important MCQs and SEQs of Histology with answer keys for 1st Year MBBS

13- University Important MCQs complete Set for 1st Year MBBS

14-UHS Important SEQs of Histology

15-Important MCQs and SEQs of Lower Limb Anatomy

16- Important MCQs and SEQs of  Thorax Anatomy

17-Important MCQs and SEQs of Upper Limb


Past Papers of Anatomy :

Annual Paper of Anatomy 2013

Anatomy Supply Paper 2014

UHS 1st Year MBBS Anatomy ( Including Histology ) Annual Paper 2014

Anatomy Supply Paper 2016-17

Anatomy Annual Paper 2016

Anatomy Annual 2015





1- 70 Important SEQs of Biochemistry for 1st Year MBBS

2- Important MCQs from Enzyme Portion for 1st year MBBS

3-Important Questions from Protein Chemistry for 1st year MBBS

4-Important SEQs of Heme Metabolism with Answer keys for 1st year MBBS Students

5- Important SEQs of Vitamins Nutrition and Minerals with Answer key for 1st Year MBBS




Important OSPE questions of Biochemistry


Past Papers:-

Biochemistry Annual Paper 2013

Biochemistry 1st Year MBBS paper for practise

Biochemistry Annual Paper 2014

Biochemistry Supply Paper 2014-15



1- Important SEQs of Heart Physiology

2- Important Questions of Nerve and Muscle Physiology

3- Important Solved Questions of Circulation

4- Important Questions of Respiration with Answer Key

5- Blood and Cell Physiology MCQs with answer key

6- Blood and Cell Physiology SEQs

7- Important Solved MCQs of Heart , Nerve , Membrane Transport and Muscle

8- Important Solved SEQs of Heart , Nerve , Membrane Transport and Muscle

9- Important SEQs of Respiration Physiology with Answer Key

10- Important Solved SEQs of Circulation Physiology

11- Important Solved MCQs of Circulation Physiology


12- Important OSPE Questions of Physiology


Past papers of Physiology:

Annual Paper of Physiology 2013

Annual Paper of Physiology 2014

Physiology Supply Paper 2014

Physiology Supply Paper 2016

Physiology Annual Paper 2015


1st Year MBBS Annual Result 2013

UHS 1st Year MBBS Supply Result 2017

Annual Result 2017

Annual Result 2015

Annual Result 2014