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UHS 4th Year MBBS Community Medicine Supply Paper 2017

Community Medicine supply and Annual  Paper 2017

 UHS Supply Paper for batch 2012-17 held in 2017. Third Professional MBBS Supply Paper 2017. 4th Year MBBS Supply and Annual Paper 2017.

Proper utilization of health care shows the effectiveness of health care system. Name at least FIVE methods which are used to assess the health care services utilization rate?    5 (supply 2016held in2017)


A study was conducted to determine the association between betel chewing and oral cancer through a cohort study, The results are as under:              (Annual 2016)


Betel Chewing Oral Cancer developed Oral cancer not developed
Positive 250 75
Negative 50 550
  1. a) Calculate incidence rate of oral cancer in Betel chewers. 2
  2. b) Calculate relative risk from the given data. 3 (supply 2016held in2017)


  1. a) Name the principles of Primary Health Care. 3
  2. b) Write a short note on Sentinel Surveillance. 2 (supply 2016held in2017)

Expanded program of immunization (EPI) started to protect the children from SIX disabling diseases. Some other diseases have been added in this program with the passage of time. Write down the complete schedule of EPI showing (vaccine, disease, age, dose and route of administration) in a tabulated form.                  5              (supply 2016held in2017)

10 (ten) Government employees came for their Annual Medical Examination in a hospital laboratory. They also gave blood to check their serum Cholesterol levels was as follows: 185, 250, 220, 245, 220, 200, 220, 210, 230, 220 290 mgs/100ml                                  (supply 2016held in2017)


  1. Work out the indices of central tendency. 3   
  2. If standard deviation is 10 then calculate the 95% of the population under study. 2


Population of Pakistan is growing at a very rapid rate, giving rise to many problems relating to health, education, employment and available resources. (supply 2016held in2017)


  1. a) How will you differentiate between growth rate and Natural Increase Rate in population? 2
  2. b) Draw and label process of Demographic Transition 3 (supply 2016held in2017)




The 4th year MBBS class was assigned the task to visit a peri-urban area of a city “A” to assess the nutritional status of pre-school children by applying Anthropometric methods.

  1. a) Name these methods of anthropometric assessment for this purpose. 3 (supply 2016held in2017) 
  2. b) Enumerate FOUR sociocultural factors affecting the nutritional status of these children? 2


Pakistan belongs to the group of countries where infant Mortality Rate is high.     Name at least TEN socio-cultural factors playing part in increased mortality in   infants in Pakistan. 5(supply 2016held in2017)

  1. a) Enlist the physical and chemical methods to purify the water at household level. 03
    b Write a note on Bleaching Powder. 2
    (supply 2016held in2017)

While recruiting a worker in some industry, his/her medical examination is necessary according to the factory laws. It ‘is named as Pre- Placement Examination.              (supply 2016held in2017)

  1. a) What activities are carried out during Pre PI cement Examination? 3
  2. b) What is the significance of Pre-Placement examination? 2

The teacher referred a child of his class, who was scratching his hands and Axilla repeatedly, to the school medical officer for examination and treatment. On examination, reddish papules were seen in the web spaces of fingers, toes and axillary folds.     (supply 2016held in2017)

  1. a) Name the disease and the organism causing it. 01, 01   
  2. b) Write prevention and control measures against Hydatid disease. 03

A researcher who conducted study about Smoking habits of medical students reported that 35% of them still smoke in spite of having knowledge about its harmful effects. Give FIVE measures to reduce the incidence of this social evil among medical students.   5     (supply 2016held in2017)



Channels of communication have pivotal role in transmission of message to the audience in creation of health awareness.       (supply 2016held in2017)

  1. a) Name these channel of communication? 3
    b) Write a note on “interpersonal communication”? 2


Floods affect large areas of our country causing scores of families to either Stay in open or take shelter in camps. Give FIVE measures to counter likely hazards that they face in the shelter camps in the post-disaster period.      5         (supply 2016held in2017)


Annual 2016


A researcher is interested to assess the writing skills of postgraduate medical trainees working different hospitals Of Lahore city. The total number of traineesis 8000, who are Working in different specialties and different years Of training. If he is desirous to select a Sample Of 2000 trainees: (Annual 2016)

  1. a) what sampling technique Would you recommend that is most appropriate in the given situation? 2
  2. b) Write Steps of selected sampling technique. 3 (Annual-2016)


A 50 year Old laborer working in glass industry for the last 20 years, presented with irritating cough, dyspnea and chest pain. On chest x-ray, snow storm appearance was revealed.

  1. a) What is the most likely diagnosis? 1 (Annual-2016)
  2. b) Name FOUR Other industries where workers may suffer from such problem. 2
  3. c) Name at least FOUR preventive measures against this issue. 2

A researcher wants to compare average weights Of 100 women at the start end of pregnancy.

  1. a) Which test of significance should be selected for analysis and why? 3
  2. b) What would be your conclusion regarding rejection or acceptance of null hypothesis if alpha was Set at 0.05 and the P value obtained 2 (Annual-2016)
  3. i) 0.04
  4. ii) 0.07


  1. a) What are the subclinical cases in the dynamics of communicable diseases? 2
  2. b) Write down the epidemiological Importance of these cases? 1
  3. c) How do these differ from Latent Infection? 2 (Annual-2016)

You are given the task to develop the Health Education program for

  1. a) What barriers may affect the effective communication? 3 (Annual-2016)
  2. b) For adolescents in Pakistan, Which issues Will you include for Health Education? List at least FOUR. 2

Children under 5 year of age from a village were surveyed for protein Energy Malnutrition (PEN).

  1. a) Write Waterlow’s classification Of PEN. 4 (Annual-2016)
  2. b) List at least TWO common micronutrient deficiencies associated With PEM. 1

Total population of a village was 8000. A researcher tested MP (Malarial parasite) in the peripheral blood films Of the total population. Results are as follows:

Out of total 1000 under one year of age population, 250 Were positive for MP. Out of total 2000 above 1 year to 12 years of age population, 300 were found positive for MP.

Out of remaining 5000 population, 2000 were positive for MP.  (Annual-2016)

  1. a) Which rate indicates recent malarial transmission? 1
  2. b) Write down the formula of the selected rate. 2 (Annual 2016)
  3. c) Justify your selection of rate. 2


  1. a) Comment on the population growth rate or country A, B, and C based on Crude Birth Rate and Crude Death Rate as inferred from the pictures 3 (Annual 2016)
    b) Define sex ratio. What are the main reasons for a low sex ratio in some developing countries?  2

The Menace Of Drug Dependence has reached to epidemic proportions in the world including less developed countries. (Annual 2016)

  1. a) Enlist FOUR most common factors contributing towards Drug Dependence. 2
  2. b) Describe TWO preventive approaches Which are adopted against Drug Dependence. 3


Pakistan has Sufficient number Of first level care facilities but these have failed to achieve the desired level of health in our country largely Owing toavoidable reasons.

  1. a) What are the reasons for the failure Of these facilities to provide adequate services? 3
  2. b) What do you mean by Health promotion? 2 (Annual 2016)

  1. a) An illiterate client under—went Vasectomy. What advice a surgeon would impart to that client? 3
  2. b) Write down at least FOUR factors in restoration Of health Of mother in post-partum period. 2

(Annual 2016)


  1. a) Name the vaccines which are mandatory for all Muslims proceeding for HOW Hajj (Pilgrimage).

 Under EPI schedule Measles Vaccine is given at the age of 9 months to the infants. NOW a second dose at the age Of 12-15 months is added.         01                        

  1. b) Why this second dose is included in vaccination schedule? 02  (Annual 2016)     
  2. c) Name at least FOUR equipments used for maintenance Of cold Chain at different levels of health care outlets for storage/transportation of vaccines. 02

Every year, floods in Pakistan play havoc in different parts of the country resulting in disruption of normal routine activities.

  1. a) Write a note on Disaster Relief phase. 02  (Annual 2016)
  2. b) List persona’ protective measures which are to be taken in different types of disasters/emergencies. 03


  1. a) Name the sources of Air pollution. 02  (Annual 2016)
  2. b) What measures would you recommend to prevent and Control Air Pollution? 03