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Essentials of Pathology : Best Short Book for General Pathology and Special Pathology

“When some one asks me how to prepare General Pathology in short period of time with comprehensive grip on all important topics and MCQs point, I simply recommend him Essentials of Pathology” A senior doctor told us who only read this book for his professional exam in 3rd year MBBS.

Essentials of Pathology

I tried my best to find this book in Urdu Bazar, Anarkali and all other major book hubs , but alas could not find any edition of it neither new nor old one. The book shared below in PDF format was simply snapped by camera and then organized in PDF format.

Dr. Hafiz Ullah Khan from Khayber Medical University wrote this book and it has still the best book in KPK . Each and evry thing has been written in this short book of 68 pages. 3rd Year MBBS Students can prepare very well from this book for their professional exam.

This book is a great gift for all MBBS Students who always remain worry about Pathology.

If you are an average student of MBBS and want to get average marks then this book is definitely for you. You can get 60-70 % marks in General Pathology by just reading this book.

Highly Recommended for UHS,KMU, FJMU and all other medical Universities.

Topics of General Pathology:

  1. Introduction to Pathology
  2. Cell Injury and Adaptation
  3. Acute and Chronic Inflammation
  4. Cell Repair and wound Healing
  5. Hemodynamic Disorders
  6. Neoplasia
  7. Disorders of Immunity

Topics of Special Pathology:

  1. Disorders of Gastrointestinal Tract
  2. Hepatobiliary System
  3. Disorders of Female Genital Tract
  4. Disorders of Female Breast
  5. Disorders of Respiratory Syatem
  6. Disorders of Kidney
  7. The Hematopoetic and Lymphoid System
  8. Endocrine System
  9. Musculoskeletal System
  10. The Heart
  11. Blood Vessels
  12. Male Genital System
  13. The Nervous System

Download Link:

Download Essentials of Pathology by Dr Hafiz Ullah Khan and Dr. Mansoor Khan

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