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This Young Female Doctor`s Story and Miserable conditions of Hospitals will Change your Perception about Medical Field

This Young Female Doctor`s Story and Miserable conditions of Hospitals will Change your Perception about Medical Field.

What You Think about being a Doctor and What Actually It is

I am a doctor. I scored 90% + marks in Matric. I got admission in best Undergraduate College in Lahore known as Kinnaird College for Women. Two years later I passed F.Sc examination with 90% plus marks. Then I prepared day and night for MCAT and passed MCAT securing 90% plus marks. A month later I got admission letter from the top most institute of Punjab, King Edward Medical University.

I entered this prestigious institute on 2nd of December 2009 dreaming of becoming a doctor who can serve this nation day and night , happy for finally being able to bring my parent’s dreams to reality. Throughout these years I did more than I was capable of, I studied, i practiced, i dissected bodies with smell of formalin stinging my nose, i gave dreadly professionals where you have to study like hell just for getting pass , cleared all in 1st attempts, after 5 years of hard work, I graduated from K.E in march ’15 .

I did my Housejob in Mayo Hospital ( attached with King Edward Medical University) and LWH (Lady Willingdon Hospital) . After completing my House Job prepared for the FCPS-I exam for two whole months, with my 4 month old daughter to be taken care of. I cleared exam in November in first attempt. I applied for residency in January 17 . But then there was not a single seat for me in whole Punjab. Thank you Govt of Punjab. Thank you CIP ( Central Induction Policy) for being the best MERIT based policy.
Throughout 6 years of my medical life, I learnt LIFE , i did not only learn treating the patients , I  learnt how you have to control your nerves when a 15 year old girl of corrossive intake dies in front of your eyes. I saw death when a patient of end stage renal disease passed away because of no facility of Emergency Dialysis in Mayo. I saw life in the eyes of a patient thanking his surgeon while going home after having Thyroidectomy .

I saw helplessness in the eyes of a father who brought his daughter in ER  ( Emergency Room) in unconsicous state from Kasur and again had to take her to LGH ( Lahore General Hospital) because there was no MRI machine in Mayo and  then there was no ambulance available for her. Maybe she survived maybe not.

I saw that my patient of CKD  ( Chronic Kidney Disease) and CRF ( Chronic Renal Failure)  died at 2 am while I was standing by her side praying for her life , setting the drops of her cardiac support, i had to declare her death , i had to tell her anxious daughter that her mother is no more but i could not find an ECG machine in the ward , went to the next ward for borrowing the machine. NO. Next ward NO. Another NO. There was only one machine in whole 8 medicine and surgery units. SIGH…. 🙁
There are not enough medicines , no beds , no machines for the poor people coming there. Just because they cant go to London for getting a CABG done , do they deserve this ????
I worked in ER for 24 hrs on my foot the whole day, next day saw my patients had ward rounds , and  going home after 36 hrs with a cup of tea in my hand , I heard a sweeper saying ‘ Doctoran nu tu bs apni chaa di e pae rahendi ae ‘ SIGH….. After doing 12 hrs night ICU ( Intensive Care Unit)  I did 6 hr long  in the morning with 500+ plus patients in a single day n then i overheard ‘Aj kal dy doctoran nu ty marez da xara ehsas nae. Ae kiho jaey maseeha ny ”
Now I have no job , i have no respect in this society . Our media has manipulated the minds of our nation. Our government has ruined our future.

I don`t know why my parents dreamed this for me ? I don`t know why i struggled this hard ? I don`t even know why am I writing this here ?

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Leaks ( FB)

image : The Atlantic


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