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UHS 3rd Year MBBS Table of Specifications (TOS) for all subjects

UHS 3rd Year MBBS Table of Specification (TOS) for all subjects.

Table of Specifications for 3rd Year MBBS

TOS for the students of 3rd Year MBBS , University of Health Sciences Lahore. UHS new scheme of Marks and syllabus of 3rd Year MBBS.

Subjects of 3rd Year MBBS:



Forensic Medicine

Behavioral Sciences

TOS of Pharmacology SEQs and MCQs Unit wise

Find complete Unit wise  details of MCQs and SEQs of Pharmacology for 3rd Year MBBS.

The table of specifications was taken from . Thanks Umair Ahmed ( House Officer Shaikh Zaid Medical College Rahim Yar Khan) for providing us the rare picture of ToS of 3rd Year MBBS.

3rd Year MBBS students can find many useful study data from mbbsstudystuff blog.