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Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle Important MCQ Points for Proff

Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle Important MCQ Points for Professional Exams of MBBS  and BDS . The MCQs series of Pharmacology is very very important for 3rd Year MBBS Students. The MCQs given at Educational Blog are extracted from many books.

Smooth Muscle Pharmacology Important MCQ Points:

Acute attack of asthma…. Short acting beta 2 agonist inhalational route plus we can also give inhalational steroid
Chronic asthma….. Give salmeterol or formetrol (long acting beta 2 agonist) for bronchodilation and inhalational steroids also for prophylaxis
Surface acting steroids like beclomethaosne are give through inhalational route
Beta 2 agonists are not preffered in cardiac patients rather we prefer antimuscurnic ipratropium
Drug of choice for COPD is ipratropium or tiotropium
If attacks of asthma more than 3 times or 3 times a week then go for inhalaational steroids
If inhalational steroids cause oral candidiasis we can prevent it by using either spacer device or rinsing mouth with water after every pufff
Nocturnal asthma…… Theophylline
Status asthamaticus…. Manage pt with givingboxygen maintaining vital and beta 2 agonist inhalational and prednisilone (corticosteroid) intravenous
Food allergy hay fever ……… Cromolyn nedocromil
Exercise induced asthma ……. Prophylaxis…… Zileuton montelukast zafarlukast
Zileuton… Raised liver enzymes
Montelukast zafirlukast…… Churg Strauss’s syndrome, granulomatous angitis
Aspirin induced asthma cpz of movement of all arachidonic acid to lipoxygenase pathway
Anti tussives and drugs used for productive cough just classification with 2 examples each from multi author Cheema zarur kar lain
Prffered opioid analgesics as antitussives ( drugs used for dry cough) are codeine and dextromethorphan
Opiod analgesics preffered as antidiarrheal are loperamide and diphenoxylate
Diphenoxylate used in combination with atropine to prevent abuse of diphenoxylate
Travellers diarrhea …… Bismuth subsalixylate drug
Psudomembranous colitis drug of choice …… Metronidazole and alternative