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Pharmacology: Important MCQ Points from ANS ( Autonomic Nervous System)

3rd Year MBBS and 2nd Year BDS Pharmacology All Important MCQ Points from ANS ( Autonomic Nervous System). Enough to attempt your MCQs given from any book of Pharmacology.

Autonomic Nervous System MCQs

Drug used for diagnosis of Mysatenia gravis …. Edrophonium
Drugs used to diff between Myasthenic crisis and cholinergic crisis … Edrophonium
Drug used to treat Myasthenia gravis….. Neostigmine.
Drug of choice for treatment of Xerostomia or Sjogerns syndrome ……. Pilocarpine
Antidote of Organophosphate …. Atropine
Antidote of atropine poisoning …. Physostigmine
Antidote of non depolarizing skeletal muscle relaxant….. Neostigmine
Contraindications of atropine …. Glaucoma, bph, children hyperthermia
Drug of choice for motion sickness …. Hyoscine or scopolamine
Duration of action of atropine in eye…. 72 hrs
Drug of choice for anaphylactic shock…. Epinephrine
Tachyphylaxis shown by amphetamine and ephedrine
Drug of choice for pheochromocytoma …. Phenoxybenzamine
Non selective alpha beta blockers ….. Labetolol carvedilol
Betablockers used in chronic heart failure …. MCB metoprolol, carvedilol, bisoprolol
Yohimbine used for erectile dysfunction
Mydriasis with cycloplegia……. Atropine or parasympatholytics
Mydriasis with no cycloplegia …. Sympathomimetics