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Pharmacology of GIT Important MCQ Points

Pharmacology of GIT (Gastrointestinal tract)  Important MCQ Points. Important MCQs of GIT Pharmacology. The MCQs points given below covering all the aspects of GIT from narrow as open perspective. You just need to give a reading of these points and you are on the go ..

Important MCQs of GIT Pharmacology

Aluminium hydroxide causes constipation and magnesium hydroxide causes diarrhea. Some times question comes why we use combination………. to neutralize eacothers effect.
Hypylori induced peptic ulcer …….. Triple regimn …..PPI amoxicillin and clarithromycin or quadruple regimen….. PPI bismuthsubsalicylate metronidazole and tetracycline
Ppi absorbed from gut and 24 hour duration of action irreversibly block proton pump or hydrogen potassium ATPase pump
Most effective in peptic ulcers….. Ppi
If pt is prone to have peptic ulcer we don’t use non selective nsaids……. either answer is cox 2 selective inhibitor coelecoxib or non selective nsaid with misoprostol (prostaglandin)
Long standing diabetes pt and bloating or distension with after food …… Gastropresis ( paralysis of gut)……. Drug of choice …metoclopramide
Very potent enzyme inhibitor among H2 blockers …. Cimetidine
Cisplatin induced vomiting……. Ondansetrone
Chemotherapy induced vomiting should be done also from Lippincott
Portal hypertension… Prophylaxis by beta blocker
Portal hypertension and rupture ,…. Treatment octeriotide
Sucralfate is a mucosal protective agent
Pirenzipine is an m1 selective antagonist