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Pharmacology: Cardiovascular (CVS) Important University MCQs

Pharmacology: Cardiovascular (CVS) Important University MCQs. Cardiovascular Drugs important  MCQs points for all Pharmacology students studying MBBS,BDS,Pharm-D ,DPT , Nursing  and other medical degrees.  You should also read the ANS MCQs

CVS Drugs Important MCQs

Note: The points are given randomly covering all the aspects of CVS. No need to worry about no numbering and proper MCQs classification with four options. Just read the below given points carefully and you are done with CVS….Bingo !!

Diuretic used for glaucoma and acute mountain sickness…. Acetazolamide
Diuretic of choice in metabolic alkalosis …. Acetazolamide
Diuretic contraindicated in hepatic cirrhosis….. Acetazolamide
Diuretic which increases chances of calcium stones….. Acetazolamide
Diuretic of choice for pulmonary edema…. Loop diuretic furosimide
Other drug which can be used for pulmonary odema …. Morphine
Diuretic used to treat hyoecalcemia… Loop diuretics
All loop diuretics are sulphonamides except… Ethacrynic acid
Loop diuretics are contraindicated with aminoglycosides coz….. Otoxicity by both drugs
Loop diuretics contraindicated with digoxing…. Hyookalemia
Thiazide diuretics… Used to treat idiopathic hypecalciuria
Diuretic contraindicated in gout….. Thiazide diuretics
Thiazide diuretics contraindicated with digoxin…. Hypokalemia
Diuretic indicated in hepatic cirrhosis……. Spironolactone
Gybaecomastia and androgenic disorders caused by spironolocatone
Diuretic contraindicated with ACE inhibitors or ARBS …. Potassium sparing diuretics
Drug of choice for treatment of raised intracranial pressure or intracranial hemorrhage ….. Mannitol
Drug contraindicated in head injury or raised intracranial pressure…..morphine
Diuretic used to treat conditions in which high urine flow is required….. Mannitol

Pregnancy moderate hypertension….. Methyldopa
Pregnancy hypertensive emergency…… Hydralazine
Hypertensive emergency….. Nitroprusside
Diabetes and hypertension …. ACE inhibitors or ARBS
Contraindications of ACE inhibitors or ARBs ….. Pregnancy, renal artery stenosis or renal vascular disease, potassium sparing diuretics
Diuretic contraindicated with ACE inhibitors or ARBs ….. Potassium sparing
SLE caused by ….. Hydralazine
Hirsutism which can be used for male pattern baldness is caused by minoxidil
Nitroprusside causes ….. Cyanide toxicity
Drugs contraindicated in vasospastic angina…. Beta blockers
Most important factor in oxygen consumption of myocardial cells is …. Myocardial fibre tension
Which of the following drugs doesn’t decrease mortality rate in heart failure…… Digoxin
Drugs contraindicated with digoxin…. Quinidine verapamil loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics
Which diuretics contraindicated with digoxin…. Loop and thiazide coz they cause hypokalemia
Which electrolyte imbalance causes digoxin toxicity…. Hypokalemia, hypomagnesimia, hypercalcemia
Digoxing induced arrhythmias are because of….. Increased calcium in the sarcoplasm…and drug for it’s treat.ent islidocaine or phenytoin
Digoxing chronic poisoning …. Go for electrolyte improvement mostly potassium
If acute digoxin poisoning …. Go for digibind fab fragment digoxin antibodies
Digoxing increase PR interval on ECG
Beta blockers are contraindicated in acute Herat failure
Calcium channel blockers are contraindicated in acute and chronic heart failure
Calcium channel blocker used in hamerohagic stroke is nimodipine
Antiarrhythmic causing thrombocytopenia or cinchonism is quinidine
Quindine causes QT interval prolongation
Which antiarrhythmic causes SLE….. Procainamide
Drug of choice for ventricular arrhythmias…. Lidocaine
Drug used for the treatment of post MI ventricular arrhythmias…… Lidocaine
Drug used for the prophylaxis of post MI arrhythmias…… Beta blockers except esmolol coz of its short half life
Antiarrhythmic for refractive arrhythmias… Amiodarone
Drug which has thyroid abnormalities or corneal deposits or pulmonary fibrosis…. Amiodarone
Drug of choice for av nodal arrhythmias calcium channel blockers
Drug of choice for supraventricular arryrhmias…. Betablockers or calcium channel blockers
Drug of choice for paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia PSVT is……. Adenosine and if its not the option then esmolol.
For acute supraventricular arrytmia…….. Adenosine or eamolol
Atrial flutter or fibrillation…… Digoxin
Xanthoopsia or yellow hallos …… Digoxin