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Endocrine Pharmacology Important MCQs Points for MBBS and BDS Students

Endocrine Pharmacology Important MCQs Points for MBBS and BDS Students of all universities and especially UHS. The MCQs are prepared by Dr. Moneeb – Assistant Professor Services Institute of Medical Sciences ( SIMS) Lahore.

Dr. Moneeb is considered one of the best Pharmacology Teacher in Pakistan. He has also made Notes of General Pharmacology which are available at Educational Blog.

Important MCQ Points of Endocrine Pharmacology:

Type 1 diabetes mellitus …drug of choice insulin
Type 2 diabetes ,,…… Drug of choice oral antidiabetic drugs
Pregnant diabetic patient we can give insulin
Insulin glargine has no peak
Most common adverse effect of insulin therapy is hypoglycemia
Obese patient with type 2 diabetes drug of choice …… Metformin
Mwtformin in renal compromised pts can do lactic acidocis
Oral antidiabetic drug group with major adverse effect hypoglycemia…. Sulfonylureas
Antidiabetic drugs acting on nuclear level or involved in formation of new proteins for metabolism…. Thiazolidine diones
Oral antidiabetic which causes flatulance abdominal discomfort… Acarbose
If acarbose given then in case of hypoglycemia sugar will not be effective rather monosacchride should be given
Antidote for beta blocker poisoning…… Glucagon
Anti thyroid drug for chronic thyrotoxicosis .. Thioamides
Thioamide safe in pregnancy……. Propylthiouracil
Antithyroid drug useful in acute thyrotoxicosis (thyroid storm )….. Iodide propranolol
Drug which reduces size and vascularity of thyroid gland…. Iodide
Drug used for permanent cure of thyrotoxicosis without surgery……. Radioactive iodine
Leuprolide used to treat infertility when given in pulsatile manner
Beta HCG agonist agonist like LH
Drug used for pituitary tumors ……. Octeriotide
Most potent corticosteroid .. Dexamethasone
In case of replacement therapy for adrenal gland problems …. Combination of corticosteroid and mineralocorticoid
Clomiphine inhibits estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland
Diethylstilbestrol cause vaginal adenocarcinoma in the daughter of the mother using it
Finastride is 5 alpha reductase inhibitor
Ketoconazole inhibits synthesis of steroids
Most common adverse effect of bisphosphonates is oesophagitis and can be prevented by asking pt to use more water


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