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UHS 2nd Year MBBS Original Anatomy MCQs annual 2016

UHS 2nd Year MBBS Original Anatomy MCQs annual 2016

Anatomy MCQs UHS Annual Paper 2016

The annual paper of Anatomy First Professional Part-II was helded on 4 October 2016. The MCQs of the annual paper are given below with answers but there are some mistakes in the answers so, confirm from recommended books.

The recommended books for 2nd year MBBS are :

Neuroanatomy – Snell

Histology-Laiq Hussain

Gross Anatomy – KLM


Original MCQs of Anatomy

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The Annual Paper of Anatomy is given in the category of 2nd Year MBBS.

We Need Annual Papers of 1st Year MBBS and BDS. We will be very thankful if some one will send us at our FB page or Email .

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