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Expected Merit of UHS MCAT for MBBS and BDS Admissions 2016-17

Expected Merit of UHS MCAT for MBBS and BDS Admissions 2016-17

MCAT Expected Merit for session 2016-17

A national newspaper has issued the expected merit of MBBS and BDS for session 2016-17.

According to the newspaper the merit will rise by 2 % this year and 1st merit list will close at 87%.

The “Khabrain” paper has revealed this merit news two days ago.

Besides this news , there are many news rumoring on social media and some other websites which are saying that the merit will go high this year.

According to all analysis of Social Medial and other platform the expectation about merit should be high. But , al these are just expectations and not 100% sure merit list. Students who are falling between 86-87%  should remain hopeful.

The 1st Merit List of MBBS and BDS will be displayed on 28th of October 2016 by UHS.

Below are the closing merit of last years and expected merit of 2016 by some Social Media page ( Would to like give proper courtesy in case I find the real creator of this image).



So , According to newspaper , the merit will close at 87.1083 for year 2016.

Now , have a look at below image someone send us referring social medial and uploading it as it will be the most close to the closing merit for 2016.

And, it saying that last merit this year will be 87.994 , making a huge diffrence with Khabrain Newspaper , which seems more close to expected merit.