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UHS Formula for calculation of MCAT merit 2016-17

UHS Formula for calculation of MCAT merit 2016-17

UHS Merit Calculation Formula for session 2016-17

(i) After the declaration of official result of the Entrance Test, the
admission process for public sector medical and dental colleges will
start as per notified schedule.
(ii) The merit shall be worked out as per the regulations of Pakistan
Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), and shall be based on the
aggregate percentage of the candidates worked out by adding the
marks in the following ratio:
Matriculation (SSC or Equivalent) – 10%
HSSC/F.Sc (Premedical or Equivalent) – 40%
Entrance Test – 50%
(iii) The Formula for calculation of merit is as follows:
Marks obtained in SSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.10 = 10% of SSC/Equivalent
Total marks of SSC/Equivalent
Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.40 = 40% of HSSC/Equivalent
Total marks of HSSC/Equivalent
Marks obtained in Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of Admission
Total marks of Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT
10% SSC/Equivalent + 40% HSSC/Equivalent +50% Admission Test = Aggregate
Aggregate Marks x 100 = Aggregate Percentage
Example 1 :
Marks obtained in Matriculation = 992 / 1050
Marks obtained in HSSC/FSc = 980 / 1100
Marks obtained in Entrance Test = 970 / 1100
By applying the aforementioned formula:
992 / 1050 x 1100 x 0.10 = 103.92
980/1100 x 1100 x 0.40 = 392
970/1100 x 1100 x 0.50 = 485
Aggregate Marks = 103.92 + 392 + 485 = 980.92
Aggregate Percentage = 980.92 / 1100 x 100 = 89.1745


Example 2 :

Equivalence of O-Level = 812/900
Equivalence of A-Level = 925/1100
SAT II Score = 2100/2400
812/900 x 1100 x 0.10 = 99.24
925/1100 x 1100 x 0.40 = 370
2100/2400 x 1100 x0.50 = 481.25
Aggregate Marks = 99.24 + 370 + 481.25 = 950.49
Aggregate Percentage = 950.49/1100 x 100 = 86.4081

merit Calculation

(iv) Final calculation in percentage will be rounded up to four decimal
(v) No marks will be deducted for extra attempts availed in HSSC/FSc
examination by the candidate beyond the period two years after
passing the SSC/ Matriculation annual examination.
(vi) Only those candidates having domicile of any district of the Punjab
and Federal Capital Area (Islamabad) who will score 82% per cent
or above aggregate marks (excluding Hifz-e-Quran marks) as
per PMDC formula, shall be eligible to apply for admission against
Open Merit Seats in public sector medical/dental institutions of the
Punjab and Reciprocal Seats in public sector colleges of KPK,
Balochistan and AJK.
(vii) The Admission Form and the Prospectus shall be available from
University of Health Sciences Lahore, Nishtar Medical College
(NMC), Multan, and Rawalpindi Medical College(RMC), Rawalpindi,
absolutely free of cost.
(viii) No call letters will be issued to the eligible candidates for
submission of admission forms.
(ix) No Admission Form will be accepted after the due date for
submission of forms.
(x) The condition of ‘82% per cent or above aggregate marks’ is not
applicable on candidates seeking admission against any category
of reserved seats (except Reciprocal Seats for Punjab domiciled
applicants). These candidates, if they meet minimum eligibility
criteria as stipulated in the prospectus, shall apply as per notified
(xi) The candidates can apply for admission against more than one
category of seats if he/she fulfils the eligibility requirements. In such
case, he/she will have to tick () the relevant categories on the
admission form and attach the required documents.