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Important SEQs of Genetics (Molecular Biology) for 2nd Year MBBS



Q.1 a) Write a note on the proteins & Enzymes required for the separation of

DNA strands

b)Enlist Antibiotics which inhibits Protein synthesis & write the mechanism of action of   Rifamycin

Q2 a) Compare & Contrast between Replication &Transcription

  1. b) Enumerate and explain the stages of Transcription.

Q.3 a) Write down the component required for the process of translation

  1. b) Discuss briefly the Types of posttranscriptional modification of RNA

Q4 a).Briefly describe different types of blotting technique, write down their biomedical application

  1. b) Explain polymerase chain reaction? Enumerate the diseases diagnosed by PCR technique

Q.5 a) What is the Biochemical cause of Cystic fibrosis and how it would be presented clinically.

  1. b) Why RBC follow salvage path way for nucleotide synthesis

Q.7 a) What is Shine-Dalgarno sequence?

  1. b) Describe briefly mutation and its types

Q.8 A white couple of European descent comes to Hospital with their 1 yr old son. He has had repeated episodes of chest infections and chronic diarrhoea since birth. The mother states that her son tastes salty when she kisses him. There is a family history of similar kind of problems in the childs uncles.                                                                                                                  

a)What is your diagnosis?

b)What is the genetic defect and which amino acid is missing in this disease?

c)Which cell membrane receptor is affected in this disease and what is the function of that receptor?

d )Which organs mainly affected in this disease?

Q.9 A 37 years old man presented to the Hospital OPD with complaints of rapid jerky movements of his limbs. He complains of difficulty in speaking and swallowing. He tends to forget things a lot. CT and MRI Brain show visible cerebral atrophy. His father had a similar condition and died when he was 50 y of age

  1. a) What is your diagnosis ?
  2. b) What genetic code is affected and what amino acid is produced in response?

c)What is the physical and medical treatment ?

Q10. DNA Repair