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UHS Solved SEQs of EYE for 4th year MBBS


A boy of 10 yrs presented with severe drooping of eyelid since birth with poor levator
excursion,causes?how wil u evaluate this problem?What wil b the best surgical ption to treat this case.
Since birth means congenital, so it could be either of Blepharophimosis,jaw winking ptosis, horner’s syndrome,
nerve paresis or tumors like neurofibroma, rhabdomyaosarcoma. Poor function requires BROW SUSPENSION
A young man working in chemical factory presented in eye OPD with installation of some chemical in
both eyes.emergency treatment?Give medical treatment of grade 2 and 3 injury,complications which
can develop if he is not treated?
Normal saline irrigation, irrigation with suitable acid or alkali, removal of particulate matter, double eversion of
lid, removal of devitalized tissue.
Complications and treatment same as in book.
A 70 yr old man presented with persistent irritation andwatering R/E for the last 3 months,On
examination there was inward rolling of lower lid and rubbing of conjunctiva by lashes.
Whats diagnosis and D/D?
Senile entropion. dd is trichiasis.
over riding of preseptal over pretarsal part of orbicularis oculi.
complications can be conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer,epithelial defects in cornea.
A 14 yr old boy presented with rt.eye vision of 6/36 and left eye vision of 6/6 after maximum correction
retinoscopy,shows fundus and anterior chamber is normal,Rt eye=+5D in both axis and lt.eye=+1.5D in
both axis.
Whats ur diagnosis
What r different types of this condition.
Classify squint types.
What r different refractive errors types(NSMC)
axial, positional, index, curvature– types.
eso/exotropias, eso/exophorias, paralytic, non paralytic,incyclo/excyclotropia, hypo/hypertropia.
myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbiopia.
A 25yr old male presented with gradual decrease in vision,On examination visual acuity was 6/12 ib
rt.eye and 6/36 in left eye which increased on pinhole test.D/Ds,How will u evaluate refractive error,What
r themost modern methods of myopia correction.MMDC
astigmatism, may be hypermetropia too.
evaluate any type of ref.error by by KERAOMETRY, A scan, fundus examination,and DIAGNOSE it by
Most modern methods can be LASIK ans LASEK.
A 14yr old boy presented withrt.eye vision of 6/36 and lt.eye vision of 6/6 after simple correction
retinoscopy,shows fundus and ant.chambers normal.Rt eye=+5D in both axes and lt.eye=+1.5 D in both
Whats diagnosis?what r different types of this condition?What r different refractive errors,classify
types of squint?(SZMC)
—Whats ametropia?types?treatment?(SIMS)
REPEATING.. a-metropia is other word for refractive errors.
Write short notes on use of laser in ophthamology?Surgical management of myopia?(UMDC)
LASERS used in:
glaucoma treatment (ALT/DLT)
NdYag laser
Lasek and Lasik for refractive errors
laser thermotherapy for retinobalstoma
surgical man.of myopia is:
radial keratotomy, photorefractive keratometry, LASEK or LASIK
–A 25 yr old lady using concave glasses of -6 diopters
what is this condition called?
What r possible complications?
what other treatment modilities can benefit her
Myopia, prone to develop POAG and posterior staphyloma, retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage.
mentioned in above quest,..just add concave lens
A young girl presented with itchy red eyes with mucoid discharge following exposure to dust
drugs used to treat?
complications and their treatment?(CPMC)
Allergic conjunctivitis (same as in book)
-A 6 months old baby presented with purulent discharge since birth.
which mechanism may cause the same?
ophthalmia neonatorum i think.
A 45 yr old presented with burning and redness of eye of both eeyes for last 3 days.On examination
theres watery discharge,follicular conjunctival reaction,and painful preauricular lymph nodes
Whats most likely diagnosis
How will u manage this case
What complications can occur(UMDC)
Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis. (same as in book)
–A 50 yr old man presents with fleshy red fibrovascular encroachment onto cornea from nasal side in
exposed palpebral conjuctive,
Probabale diagnosis?what do u think this phenomenon is due to?Name atleast 3 surgical procedures.
Ptrerygium, dry dusty environment etc, surgery by:
sclera base technique
conjunctival autograft
amniotic membrane grafting.
–A mother presented her 8 yr old child having red and watrey eyes,boy was having alot of itching and
perilimbal conjunctiva was swollen with white dots upon it.
Complications of this disease?(RMC)
Spring catarrah (vernal catarrah) white dots are TRANTA’s dots.
(rest same as in book)
A pt with defecctive night vision visits OPd,diagnosis?typical signs in fundus?(WMC)
Vitamin A deficiency, retinitis pigmentosa, POAG, peripheral cortical cataract. Fundal findings i
think honi chahyen.
Ayoung lady belonging to a low socio-economic background presented with mild mucopurulent
discharge from both eyes from the last 2 weeks.Ordinary antibiotic drops didnot relieve it.On
examination there was diffuse papillary reaction with a line of follicles in the upper tarsal conjunctiva.
Lab Investigations?
Arlt’s line.. TRACHOMA. (book)

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