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UHS ENT Past MCQs for 4th year MBBS by ALL Team One Vision..One Mission

All team “One vision … One Mission”

The Ear

1. The Following is true about the tympanic membrane EXCEPT:
a. It is rounded in shape.
b. It is placed obliquely forming acute angle with meatus anteriorly and obtuse one posteriorly.
c. The normal tympanic membrane is pearly white in color.
d. The light reflex is due to the concave position of the membrane.
2. The following is true about the Eustachian tube EXCEPT:
a. It ends 1 cm behind the posterior end of the inferior turbinate.
b. The upper 1/3 is bony while the lower 2/3 is fibrocartilagenous.
c. It is normally opened at rest.
3. Choose the correct answer:
a. Ear washing is not contraindicated in traumatic perforation of the drum.
b. Pathological perforation of the drum occurs at any site while traumatic ones occurs in pars tensa only.
c. In ear washing, the sterile nozzle of the syringe is directed to the drum directly.
d. Ear washing is indicated in the presence of fistula between the middle & inner ear.
4. Pain on mastication is present in:
a. Acute mastoiditis.
b. Otosclerosis.
c. Furunculosis of the external ear.
d. Allergic otitis externa.
5. Sagging of the postero-superior wall of the EAC occurs in:
a. Acute mastoiditis.
b. Furunculosis of the external ear.
c. Otitis media.
d. Petrositis.
6. The causative agent in otomycosis is:
a. Aspergillus nigers & / or Candida albicans.
b. Streptococci.
c. Staphylococci.
d. E.coli
e. B. pyocyaneus.
7. Ramsy-Hunt syndrome is:
a. Herpes-zoster affection of the geniculate ganglion of the facial nerve.
b. Dysphagia in middle aged female.
c. Dysphagia in old male.
d. Sensory-neural deafness in newly born.
8. Stapedectomy is one line for treatment of:
a. Otosclerosis.
b. Otomycosis.
c. Otitic barotrauma.
d. Secretory otitis media.