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Important Topics of all subjects of 4th year MBBS


Important Topics of :

  • Special Pathology
  • Community Medicine
  • Opthalmology
  • General Pathology and
  • Otorhinolaryngology

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UQs LUT & MGT Hematuria: Causes. Painless hematuria: Causes. Morphology of TCC. Classification & mode of spread of testicular tumors. Predisposing factors: Germ cell tumors. Seminoma, spermatocytic seminoma & Matureteratoma: gross & microscopic features. 3 serum markers for testicular mass & their value. BPH scenario: Dx, gross & microscopic features, secondary changes in kidney & LUT. Seminoma scenario: Dx, 4 risk factors. UQs FGT Classification & Pathogenesis of ovarian neoplasms. Ovarian tumors associated with BRCA 1 & 2. Cervical carcinoma: Most common (based on cell of origin), Risk factors, role of HPV in pathogenesis, 2 common HPV genotypes, spectrum of precancerous lesions, grading, clinical staging. Endometriosis scenario: 3 theories of pathogenesis, important sites. Serous cystadenocarcinoma scenario: Dx, features. Fibroids scenario: Dx, sites, hormonal effects on size. Endometrial cancer: Dx, staging, risk factors. UQs Breast Classify breast tumors. Risk factors for breast cancer. Fibroadenoma scenario: Dx, gross & microscopic features. Invasive ductal (NST) &lobular carcinomas: Morphology. Features used in Scarff-Bloom-Richardson system. Significance of ER/PR & Her 2-neu. Prognostic factors & their relative importance in breast cancer. Noninvasive investigation to evaluate benign or malignant nature of lump breast. Define atypical hyperplasia. Risk of cancer with atypical ductalhyperplasia. Paget’s disease of breast scenario: Dx, basis. DCIS scenario: Dx, types, microscopic picture of comedocarcinoma. UQs Musculoskeletal Classify bone tumors. Rickets: Pathogenesis. Features of TB osteomyelitis. 2 major manifestations of Gout. Gouty arthritis scenario: Dx, pathogenesis, lab tests. Osteosarcoma scenario: Dx, sites, subtypes, morphology. Duchenne muscle dystrophy scenario: Dx, mode of inheritance, findings of muscle biopsy, definitive test. RA scenario: Dx, histological features. Ewing sarcoma scenario: Dx, gross & microscopic features. UQs CNS Difference b/w concussion & brain injury. Features of cerebrovascular disease. Astrocytoma scenario: Dx & glial tumors types, histology of infiltrating astrocytoma. 3 tumors most commonly metastatic to brain. Meningioma scenario: Dx, morphology, prognostic factors. Medulloblastoma scenario: Dx, tumor spread, ominous complication. 3 microscopic abnormalities in Alzheimer’s. 2 types of acute ischemic injury to brain. 2 groups of brain infarcts.

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