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UHS 2nd year MBBS Biochemistry Easy but Unexpected SEQs for Proff Exam

Here are some unexpected easy questions students offer did`t pay attention but these are expected to be in the annual or supply exam of UHS from 2014 to onward.

Q1. A.Glucuronic acid is derived sugar ,required in the body for GAGS formation and as detoxifying agent in the liver ,Enumerate the synthetic steps of the glucuronic acid.

  1. How does URONIC ACID PATHWAY connected to HMP shunt pathway. what is Essential pentosuria briefly explain it.

Q2. a.what is the Role of Cardiolipin on Electron Transport chain.

b.NADH produced in the Cytosol is imperbeable for mitochondrial

membrane explain the alternative route for its uptake in the mitochondria.

Enumerate the inhibitor of ADP ATP Transporter.

Q3. a.Draw TCA cycle and enumerate the vital role of vitamin B Complexes in the cycle.

b.Enumerate the anabolic products of Galactose ?

c how lactose is synthesized in the body

Q4. a.Enumerate different Types of Fatty acid oxidation along with biomedical importance of each

b.Give an account of Aspirin use in Ischaemic heart disease patient. How Bile salt synthesis takes place in the liver write also emulsification mechanism provided by Bile salts in intestine.

Q5. a. How does Diabetes mellitus dearrange blood Lipid profile, explore it by illustrative diagrammatic sketch.

b.Write the absorption mechanism of Lipids, Aminoacids & sugars from intestine.

Q6. a. Write the Metabolic causes and Mechanism of each that leads to Hyperuricemia.

b.what is Respiratory acidosis? What are the possible causes? What is ABG

(Arterial blood Gas analysis briefly write its important in the clinical side.

Q7. a. Write the synthesis steps of insulin hormone? Discuss its mechanism of

Secretion & action at the Receptor site.

b.Discuss in detail the metabolic effects of insulin

Q8.a) What is Shine-Dalgarno sequence?

  1. b) Describe briefly mutation and its types

Q9 a. Enumerate melanin & glutathione synthesis steps

Enumerate Amino acids & synthesis of their corresponding Neurotransmitters.

Briefly write about Ubiquitin Proteasome proteolytic pathway