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Important Questions from Protein Chemistry for 1st year MBBS

Complete   1 SEQ   & 6 MCQ FROM PROTEIN CHEMISTRY IN UHS  Papers form 2014 onward

Q1 a) Briefly describe the different types of simple protein.                     

  1. b) Write down the biomedical importance of protein.

Q2 a) Discuss the secondary structure of protein                                        

  1. b) Differentiate between quaternary and tertiary structure of protein    

Q3 a) what do you understand by protein folding. Specify the role of chaperones (Heat shock proteins) in it.          

  1. b) Describe acute phase protein

Q4a.Write in detail about the quaternary structure of Protein along with

     Forces & bond which make them highly stable.    

  1. Compare & Contrast between the structures & functions

     of hemoglobin & Myoglobin.

Q5 a) Enlist major plasma protein.                                   

  1. b) Write a comprehensive note on functions of plasma protein.

Q6 a) Define isoelectric pH .explain with example.                                             

  1. b) Write a short note on denaturation of protein.

Q7 a) Enlist the separation and purification methods of protein.                       

  1. b) Describe the ion exchange chromatography

Q8 A five months old baby fell from the bed and presented to the emergency with fractured tibia of right leg .on history taking of parents it was found that the child also suffered from retarded wound healing on examining the X ray both legs the other long bones showed bowing. History of trauma or any child abuse was ruled out.

  1. a) What is your diagnosis?
  2. b) What is the biochemical basis of this disease?                     
  3. c) Briefly describe the structure of collagen.                              

Q:9 An old man brought to the hospital OPD with the complaints of swelling over face , both legs for the last few days .His Lab test shows protein in urine .

  1. a) Which plasma protein appear in urine and why?                          
  2. b) How do you correlate proteinurea with edema.Give mechanism?
  3. c) Highlight the possible causes of hypoproteinemia .                                      

Q10a) Name the amino acid with hydroxy group?

  1. b)      What is their function?

Q11a) Name the essential amino acids?

  1. b) What are the biomedical importances of Glycine, Tyrosine

   & Tryptophan

Q12 a) Write the structure of amino acid at physiological pH?  

  1. b) How amino acids behave in acidic or alkaline medium?  

Q13 a) What is the function of R group in assigning the structure of protein?  

  1. b) What is the importance of L and D forms of amino acid?

Q14 A thirty year old woman presented with progressive shortness of breath she denied the use of cigarettes .her family history revealed that her sister had suffered from unexplained lung disease.    

  1. a) What is your probable diagnosis?  
  2. b) What is the etiology of this patient’s pulmonary symptoms?    

Q15 a) Classify proteins depending on their biologic functions along with examples

  1. b) Name forces that stabilize tertiary structure of protein?  

Q16 a) Enumerate plasma proteins.  

  1. b) Give structural and functional properties of collagen.  

Q17 a) What is amyloidoses?  

  1. b) Describe briefly Alzheimer’s disease.  

Q18 a) How secondary structure of protein is formed?  

  1. b) What are the properties of a peptide bond?        

Q19.What are the biochemical basis or cause of?

Alziemers disease

Prions disease


Q20.Enumerate the repeated (regular) & non repeated secondary structures of Protein        

  1. Define Domain, what are the components of domain, how are these tertiary structures of   Protein folded & stabilized                                          
  2. Enumerate four Indispensable Amino acids (Essential Amino acids)  

21. Define & Name the Glucogenic & ketogenic Amino acid