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Biochemistry 1st Year MBBS paper for practise

Q1a.Define pH, What is the influence of excess Hydrogen ion on the structure & functions of Proteins, how are these excess hydrogen ions are compensated normally in the plasma                                                                        

b.Describe Receptor? Illustrate the events of G protein activation & formation of IP3 &DAG  

c What do you understand by Lipid anchored protein of cell membrane                    2.5+1.5+1                

Q2a. Extracellular matrix is composed of several proteins, Collagen is one of the major fibrous structural protein of ECM, Write the synthesis steps of collagen                                              2.5                                                                

  1. Proteoglycans is also second major component of ECM which holds water. How do you

   differentiate between Proteoglycans to Glycoproteins                                                             1.5                                                                          c. Write the biochemical cause & symptoms of Lactose intolerance                                       1

Q3a.Enumerate the repeated (regular) & non repeated secondary structures of Protein         1.5

  1. Define Domain, what are the components of domain, how are these tertiary structures

       of Protein folded & stabilized                                                                                              2.5

  1. Enumerate four Indispensable Amino acids (Essential Amino acids)                                 1          

Q4 a. Give an illustrative diagrammatic view of complete degradation process of heme in     3

       to bilirubin.                                                                                                                                                        

  1. Total serum bilirubin level of new born baby is highly increased up to 20mg that diffuses

   to the skin, eyes and other tissues; baby was immediately taken to the incubator

     for phototherapy

  1. What are the possible biochemical causes of jaundice in new born baby                   1+ 1                                                                                    
  2. Elaborate the mechanism of Phototherapy to decrease highly increased bilirubin in tissues                                          

Q5. A patient of ischemic heart disease brought to the Cardiac emergency, he was diagnosed a case of Myocardial infarction on the basis of symptoms, ECG, Examination & Lab findings, Answer the following questions

  1. Enlist proteins & Cardiac enzymes which will rise in plasma of MI patient             1.5
  2. How do you differentiate b/w Iso enzymes to Coenzymes                                                1.5
  3. A patient serum cholesterol level was much above than normal. He was prescribed Statins

a group of drug which blocks the main enzyme of cholesterol synthesis at the cellular level to decrease high cholesterol.(Patient value 350 mg Cholesterol, Normal value 150 to 180mg)

  1. Classify Enzyme inhibitors? Which type of inhibition takes place by Statin drug                           
  2. How enzymes are regulated by covalent modification                                            .5 +.5+1                                                                                                   Q6a.A 56 year-old male on Isoniazid therapy for tuberculosis has developed rashes on the exposed parts of the body. What is the probable cause for these rashes?                 1+.5+1.5 +2

   b.Name two vitamins & their sources of synthesis in the body other than intestinal flora

  1. Why are premature babies given vitamin K injections immediately after birth?

   d What is visual cycle? What is the role of vitamin A in visual cycle?

Q7.a. what do you understand by omega 3 fatty acids? What are the biological roles      3+2

         of thrombaxne A2 ,Prostacycline & Lecukotriens

b.Briefly write the role of selenium as Selenocysteine (amino acid) & as an Antioxidant

Q8. a.Write the Active form , Metabolic role, deficiency disorders of NIACIN & FOLATE 3+2

  1. Define Nucleotide & Nucleoside; enumerate the derivatives of ADENINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                

9 a. Enumerate all GAGS along with their functions                                                             2.5+2.5

   b Differentiate b/w  

  1. Kwashiorkor   & Marasmus                
  2. Body mass index (BMI) & Basal metabolic rate(BMR)