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UHS Formula for the calculation of Aggregate Marks 2014

Calculation of Aggregate Percentage

UHS MBBS/BDS Admissions 2014

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(i) After the declaration of official result of the Entrance Test, the admission
process for public sector medical and dental colleges will start as per
notified schedule.
(ii) The merit shall be worked out as per the regulations of Pakistan Medical
and Dental Council (PMDC), and shall be based on the aggregate
percentage of the candidates worked out by adding the marks in the
following ratio:

uhs aggregate
Matriculation (SSC or Equivalent) – 10%
HSSC/F.Sc (Premedical or Equivalent) – 40%
Entrance Test – 50%
(iii) The Formula for calculation of merit is as follows:
X = Marks obtained in Matric/SSC or Equivalent
A = Total marks in Matric/SSC or Equivalent (850 or 900 or1050)
Y = Marks obtained in HSSC/FSc, out of total 1100 marks
Z = Marks obtained in Entrance Test, out of total 1100 marks
Then the formula for calculation of aggregate marks is as follows:
X / A x 1100 x 0.10 + Y x 0.40 + Z x 0.50 = Aggregate Marks

Marks obtained in Matriculation = 742 / 850
Marks obtained in HSSC/FSc = 944 / 1100
Marks obtained in Entrance Test = 840 / 1100
By applying the aforementioned formula:
742 / 850 x 1100 x 0.10 + 944 x 0.40 + 840 x 0.50
Aggregate Marks = 96.02 + 377.6 + 420=893.62
Aggregate Percentage=893.62 x 100 / 1100=81.2381

(iv) Final calculation in percentage will be rounded up to four decimal points.
(v) No marks will be deducted for extra attempts availed in HSSC/FSc
examination by the candidate beyond the period two years after passing
the SSC/ Matriculation annual examination.