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How paper leaks out ? How Entry Test Mafia works and earns millions in one night

Guest Post by : Zaid Hashim

Before writing anything I would like to give u a little introduction of mine. My name is Zaid Hashim and I am doing MBBS from a private college of Lahore. The purpose of writing this article on entry test mafia is to just show the innocent Pakistanis the  face of 100% Merit Merit and Merit and transparent examination system of Punjab Govt and the so called claims of UHS .

Last year a friend of mine studying already in medical college called me asked if I need any kind help regarding MCAT  I am always here for You !  at that time time I just ignored hos offer as he always used to claim of high class offers and never misses a single chance of showing his abilities in illegal works .

But , this year I  thought it is a big chance to prove him wrong  what he claims that he has many contacts who can provide you MCAT paper easily. I called and asked him that I myself want to take entry test this year again and want to join govt medical college as I can not afford the high feeses of Private medical college I am studying.

The moment was too much shocking for me when he said ,” O yar koi masla he nai , tu jigar ha apna  tere lye to kuch bhi kar saktay hain ye MCAT ka paper kia cheez ha ” I said him OK done the deal and inform me as soon as possible. This conversation was 2 days before the entry test 2014.

Actually ,  there were two ideas in my mind ; 1 – I wanted to make him wrong in his big claims and secondly I wanted to know how this entry test mafia works .

The coming events were too  much interested and shocking for me . He (  I am not showing him off due to some reasons) said :” Bro , give me high five I have talked  to them for your paper , they (Mafia) demanded 15 lac for the paper and whole MCAT will be exposed to you with answers the night before test,”

The situation became more interested for me and my zeal went to high level of all this scenario. There was a big chance for me to know the realities and facts about rumors Paper was leaked . I  , with more seriousness and maturity asked him to lessen the deal payment as 1.5 M was too much huge amount for a paper. On this occasion  , I used the weapon of emotions and it really worked  in lessening the amount.

The deal was done in 10 lac. Next step was to arrange this bulky amount in advance as it was their condition to show off  the amount before the test , This was easily by the help of a close friend. Till that moment I was not allowed to contact them directly . All conversations between me and them were done by my friend who infact was the guarnter (salis) betwen us .

By now I was fully directed by about the whole procedure. What was I told is given below in points :

  1. You have to pay after the MCAT have done.
  2. You will pay only if the leaked paper comes in test.
  3. You have to come on night before the test where we will ask you to come.
  4. All deal will be top secret.
  5. We will ourselves give you  paper and and answers on the place where you will come.
  6. No cell phone and other electronic device will be allowed to bring with yourself.
  7. After solving complete paper you will be taken to your center  and the cash will remain to the Guaranter till the test ends .

These short directions were given to me through my friend. Now , the problem was I didn`t want to loose my 1 M just for my KICK 🙂

I with my friend reached the directed place  , there We met with the a member of this Mafia  who first asked us to show money. We already had taken 1o lac with us in a bag. We simly showed him. He called to his boss and said Sir amount poori ha !

I was in tension as once if they took the money they will not return it back . After a little debate agreed them hold  pthe money to my friend who contacted to the Mafia and who was the Hero of this all deal.

By the way , I just entered the place where many other Genius students were busy in solving the paper. I Just could not blink my easy after seeing this scene. My heat was just stopped and I had a mini heart attack . My countries bright and shining students and future doctors were  too much busy in securing their future that they feel it time wasting act to see who entered the room . This was enough for me ,  I had no more courage to stand there and asked the Mafia`s agent that my mind has changed and i am not going to take paper at all at any cost . With a  little  embarrassment   though deal was canclled but I was not let free. I have to st there whole night and was let free late night at 3 A.M

In this all happenings I was kept unaware of the place where I have been taken because they took me to the black mirrord car .

After returning back I was not feeling comfortable at all . There was a storm of thoughts in my mind . I was feeling very anxious , upset  ,  out of mind , guilty and above all a big culprit. I was thinking where is the UHS  big claims of high secrecy and tough rules ?? Where is Punjab Govt 100% merit ??? Where is PMDC sleeping ? Where is Equality and Justice ??  Where …… ?????

It seems all are sleeping in deep slumber. Entry test mafia becoming millionaire in nights. I was just crying crying and crying . My patriotism just making me Majboor to say it all to the world that there is no Justice for the children of Poor who cannot pay 1 million . There is no way at all of  dreaming  to be doctor for the one who has no money for this MAFIA.

Note : There were other many feeling of Zaid who wrote a really an eye opening article for all of US and for UHS , PMDC  and Punjab Govt  to take action against this Gang. Please dont forget to share your thoughts over this alarming and shocking situation.

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