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PM’s National Laptop Scheme 2014 Distribution Criteria

Laptops will be distributed as per the order/sequence given below;

·       100% coverage to PhD, MPhil & MS (18 year education) students enrolled in any public HEI.

·       5% of the left over number of laptops be allocated to students enrolled in Government Polytechnic Institutes across Pakistan and AJK.

·       Criteria for distribution of laptops amongst the students of government polytechnic institutes will be determined in coordination with respective Board of Technical Education.

·       First level of distribution is based on Provincial enrolment share as to have proportionate number of students benefitted from the scheme.

·       Second level of distribution is based on Institutional enrolment share as to have each institution its own allocation for students to compete.

·       Third level of distribution is based on institution’s campus and/ or department eligible students’ ratio at each campus/ department to ensure all campuses/ departments benefit from the program.

Note: Distribution at each level as referred above will follow the students inter se.

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