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Important University Questions of Physiology of special senses for 2nd year MBBS

Q.1: Enlist the three components of accommodation. Briefly describe its mechanism and nervouscontrol. ***

Q.2: what do you understand by the concept of reduced eye? Briefly describe the errors of refractionand their correction by lenses.****

Q.3:describe the three mechanisms by which our eye can

Determine of Distance of an Object.**
Q.4: describe the formation and drainage of aqueous humor. What is glaucoma?***
Q.5: draw and label rhodopsin-visual cycle. Also write down the steps of phototransduction. How thepotential of rods and cones is different from the receptors potential of other sensory organs?*****
Q.6: draw and label the visual pathway. Mention at least four lesions of this pathway and theireffects.*****
Q.7: draw and label the taste pathway, olfactory (smell) pathway and auditory pathway.***
Q.8: write notes on following:***
Light and dark adaptation
Color blindness and its inheritance
Argyll Robertson pupi 
Horner syndrome and its cause
Impedance matching and its function****
Attenuation reflex and its function****
Nervous pathway of light reflex and accommodation reflex****
Place principleQ.9: explain the mechanism of sensory transduction in hair cells of internal ear.***
Q.10: explain the mechanisms by which we
can determine the Direction from Which the Sound Comes.
Explain why images that fall on the fovea centralis are seen more clearly than images that fall onthe periphery of the
retina. Why are the “corners of the eyes”
more sensitive to light than the fovea?
Explain the relationship between smell and taste. How are these senses similar? How do they differ?
Q.13: Explain how the vestibular apparatus provides information about changes in the position of our body in space.**