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Histology MCQS for 1st Year MBBS

Histology (Anatomy) MCQs 1st Year MBBS

1-The most generalized type of connective tissue ( in the sense of possessing the greatest variety of connective tissue components) is :

a)      Adipose

b)      Reticular

c)       Loose

d)      Mesenchyme

e)      Dense Irregular

2- Which one of the following statements about hyaluronic acid is true ?

a)      It is a component of elastic fibers

b)      It is glycosaminoglycan

c)       It os a proteoglycan with a shape of resembling a bottle brush

d)      It is sulfated

e)      It is a small molecule

3-which one of the following statements regarding collagen is true ?

a)      It is composed of tropocollagen

b)      Reticular fibers are composed of type II collagen

c)       It is synthesized mostly by mast cells

d)      Elastic fibers are composed of type IV collagen

4-Dense Regular connective tissue is present in :

a)      Capsules of organs

b)      Basement membrane

c)       Tendons

d)      Skin

5-Wich one of the following cells located in the connective tissue arises from myeloid stem cells?

a)      Pericytes

b)      Eosinophils

c)       Fibroblasts

d)      Osteoblasts

e)      Adipocytes

6-which one of the following statements regarding proteoglycans is true ?

a)      They consist of a core of fibrous protein covalently bound to glycoproteins

b)      They are attached to ribonucleic acid

c)       They are binding sites for DNA

they are composed of a protein core to which glycosaminoglycans are attached