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Ranking of Private Medical colleges in Punjab Pakistan

Intermediate Pre medical students are busy in Medical Colleges Admissions Test (MCAT) these days. As all pre medical students could  not score well in Matric , FSc and then in MCAT helded every year by Govt of Punjab and University of Helath Sciences Lahore in July August. As the seats in Govt Medical colleges of Punjab are not sufficient enough to give admissions to 40k students every year.

MBBS has become the status symbol in the major community of Pakistan . Every FSc pre medical dreams of being a Doctor ! but these dreams broken when they are just a point away from medical colleges due to a raising high merits of medical.

Private medical colleges are the second options for middle class and first priority for upper middle class. As in elite class parents dont send their mummy dady children to hell ! The trend of Medical Fields ( MBBS/BDS) is mostly found in the above mentioned class.

Today I am gonna sharing the Best Private medical colleges of Punjab according to their academic results. There are other many thing to consider before getting admission in a Private medical college but the major thing which matters more by all other means academic Results i,e: 1st proff to final Proff . The reason behind this criteria is if  a college scores good results that means the faculty of that college is good. In MBBS to pass the proff is main headache for a medical student. Passing professional exams in first attempt is the real success for students.

Before entering to medical profession A student must know about some bitter facts of Medical Life. If you could not pass the Professional exam in annual paper University gives you an opportunity to take Supply Exam after 40 days period of annual exams. If you fail to pass the failing subject in supply exam you will be detained . Detained word is just like Death for a medical student . Detained means you have just stepped back. Your batch , class  every thing changes. You have to pay the 75% of fee for the same year again.You have to take the exam of respective subject again with previous class.

Keeping in view the above facts the ranking of Private medical colleges of Punjab have been summerised.

Teaching Hospitals , College location , Campus view , Campus life , Social activities have also been kept in view for ranking.

According to our analysis , reports , results  , students feedback the following Private medical colleges are ranked top :_

  1. CMH Lahore Medical and Dental College
  2. Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore
  3. FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry Lahore
  4. Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore
  5. Wah Medical College ,Wah Cannt.
  6. Akhtar Saeed Medical college Lahore
  7. Lahore Medical and Dental College
  8. Central Park Medical college Lahore
  9. Avicenna medical college Lahore
  10. Multan Medical Medical and Dental College , Multan
  11. University college of medicine and dentistry , UOL , Lahore
  12. University college of Medicine and Dentistry, UOF ,Faisalabad
  13. Rashid Latif Medical  College Lahore
  14. Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental college Faisalabad
  15. Independent Medical college , Faisalabad
  16. Continental Medical  College , Lahore
  17. Amna Inayat Medical College , Sheikupura
  18. Azra Naheed Medical College , Lahore
  19. Pak Red Crescent Medical and dental College Lahore