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UHS MCAT Syllabus 2014

Download Syllabus for Entry Test 2014 for admissions in All Govt and Private Medical Colleges of Punjab. The Syllabus for MCAT 2014  is almost same as per previous years but there are minor changes in syllabus that you must notice. Download the Syllabus for year 2014-15 and prepare your Entry Test according to it.

Note : This syllabus is for both F.Sc and A-Level students. There is no need to join academies for preparation. Do it at home by self studying daily at least 10 hours and then you will be able to beat the raising merits competition for both Govt and Good Private Medical colleges.

Below is the link to download syllabus.

TOS  and Sample tests are also included in the syllabus.

Download MCAT Syllabus 2014

The other pattern for entry test is same as below :

MCAT 2014