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UHS MBBS Second Professional Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Supply Paper 2014

MBBS Second Professional

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Time : 2 hours

Marks : 45

Q 1 : Describe the role of consent in medical treatment. What are the ingredients to make the consent legal? What are the essential components to label the consent as an informed consent ?

Q 2 : What means are used to estimate the age of a boy reaching puberty ?

Q 3: Define negative autopsy. Whatare the factors conductive to such results ? 5

Q 4 : Describe changes after death in chronological order to time the post-mortem interval in first twenty four hours . 5

Q 5 : A patient brought to A & E department in semi comatose condition .He is gasping , pupilsare constricted  , his body is deeply cyanosed ,flesh like smell is emmiting from him .

A)What is most likely diagnosis ? 1

b) On what receptors the drugs acts ? 2

c) what are the antidotes for this poisoni g ? 1

d) How will you manage the patient if withdrawl from this poison occour ? 1

Q 6 : What are the autopsy findings in death due to garrotting ? 5

Q 7: A female child victim of rape is brought for medicolegal examination. What are the procedural steps and findings confirming this case .? 5

Q 8: Name the various branches of toxicology. Describe forensic toxicology. 5

Q 9: a) Describe the dermatological manifestation in case of chronic arsenic poisoning. 2

b) Describe the laboratory investigation to diagnosis the olumbism. 3


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