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UHS 3rd year MBBS Pharmacology and Therapeutics supply paper 2014

UHS 3rd year MBBS Pharmacology and Therapeutics supply paper 2014

MBBS Second Professional

Pharmacology and Therapeutics ( Supply 2014)

Q1: Name seven common routes of drug administration and give two examples of drugs for each. 7

Q 2: a) A young man was given promethazine intravenously in an operation theatre for a minor surgery .He stood up after the surgery but fainted. His heart rate was observed rapid (110bpm) and blood pressure only 105/65 mmHg . What autonomic effects the drug had and why the heart rate increased and blood pressure dropped ? 4

B) Name six indirectly acting cholinomimetic drugs . 3

Q 3 : A 25 year old  man consumed a heavy quantity of whisky while sitting with his friends , in a bar. He felt nauseating and lost consciousness. He was rushed to a hospital and blood alcohol concentration checked which was 400 mg/dl.

a)      What pharmacological and other measures will you take to save the patient ? 4

b)      If patient dies , what would be cause of death ? 3

Q 4: The elcosanolds  are important group of endogenous fatty acid derivaties that are produced from arachidonic acid . The major families of elcosanoids are , leukotriens  , prostacyclin , prostaglandins and thromboxane.

A) Enlist the clinical applications of prostaglandins and specific agent used for the purpose. 5

B) write briefly the antigout mechanism of action of colochicine. 2

Q 5 : A 65 year old mn complains of precardial pain radiating toward left shoulder even after moderate exercise. The pain relives after 5-10 minutes of rest. If the diagnosis is of stable angina.

a)      What treatment be given to subside the pain and secondly to prevent further attacks.4

b)      Enlist the toxic effects of heparin 3

Q 6 : A 40 year old man comes to your hospital emergency department with shortness of breath and audible wheezing. He gave a history of such asthmatic attacks in past. Name the drugs for short relief and long term control. 7

Q 7 : A 50 year old lady was admitted to intensive care unit and treated for community acquired pneumonia with cetfriaxone and azithromycin. She improved but developed coplous diarrhoea and eight bowel movements after a few days. Then toxin assay confirmed a case of clostridium difficille associated colitis.

a)      What is the drug of first choice and alternative drugs. 2

b)      Which of the following agents be used to clean the room , alcohol or bleach and why ? 1

c)       Write short essay on the mechanism of action of co-trimoxazole, 4

Q8 : A 40 year old man presented with 15 days history of chills, fever and sweats. The examination revealed high temperature and enlarged spleen. The blood smear showed ring forms of plasmodium falciparium. Nam major drugs for the treatment and prophylaxis of this infection, 7

Q 9 : a)  Write short essay on the acute and delayed toxic effects of alkylating agents used in the treatment of cancer, 4

b)Name drugs used to treat chronic hepatitis B and C . 3

Q 10 ) A 30 year old man complained of loss of appetite , tiredness , dizziness and weight loss of six months duration .  His physician got routine blood tests and found hyponatremia , hyperkalemia and acidosis. A standard ACTH stimulation test confirmed diagnosis of autoimmune Addisons`s disease and patient was prescribe , hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone . Enlist the adverse effects and contraindications of hydrocortisone. 7


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