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Join Pakistan Navy through short service commission course 2014-B

Last Date to Apply : 16 June 2014

Ordnance Branch 16/06/2014
Special Branch – (IT) 16/06/2014
Special Branch – Computer Systems & Software Engineering 16/06/2014
Special Branch – Industrial Manufacturing Engineering 16/06/2014
Special Branch – Industrial Electronics 16/06/2014
Special Branch – BE Mechatronics 16/06/2014
Medical Branch Specialist – General Surgery 16/06/2014
Medical Branch Specialist – Anaesthesiology 16/06/2014
Medical Branch Specialist – Paediatrics 16/06/2014
Education Branch (Psychologist) 16/06/2014
Supply Branch 16/06/2014
Marine Engineering Branch 16/06/2014
Operations – SSG (N) 16/06/2014
Education Branch (Islamic Studies) 16/06/2014
Medical Branch (GDMOs) 16/06/2014
Medical Branch Specialist – Cardiology 16/06/2014
Operations – Marines 16/06/2014
Education Branch (Mathematics) 16/06/2014
Education Branch (Pakistan Studies)

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Q What is Appeal Medical Board and what is the process?
A Candidate who apply against the decision of their Medical, they should forwarded a request to Recruitment Directorate for arranging an Appeal Medical Board to reassess the verdict of their Medical Unfitness. Recruitment Directorate will further process the case with Medical Directorate for arranging their Appeal Medical Board.
Q I am not satisfied with final Medical result as being declared UNFIT. How can I challenge the decision?
A You may apply for ‘‘Appeal Medical Board’. You have to appear before a team of medical officers who will give final decision regarding medical fitness or otherwise. further details may be asked by contacting Recruitment Directorate on  051-20062370-74.
Q Why I have not been selected even after qualifying ISSB ? OR Why I have not been selected even after being called for interview in SSC Course by PN Selection Board ?

Keeping in view the number of seats available, the candidates who are low on merit are not finally selected.

Q What is the age relaxation for PN Cadet, SSC & PNVR Courses.
A PN Cadet                   No Relaxation

GDMOs                      No Relaxation

Spl Branch                   No Relaxation

PNVR                         No Relaxation

SSC                            Waiver of age up to 4 years may be provisionally granted to candidates of Education branch , having additional teaching experience & higher qualification.

Q What is the Relaxation for repeater (ISSB Recommended /Not Recommended) candidates of PN Cadet Course?
A Exemption from Entrance Test. (Intelligence & Academic ) is granted to previous term candidates only.
Q I want to apply in Pakistan Navy in SSC, PNVR or PN Cadet Course. What is the schedule of induction for any of these Courses?
A Tentative schedule of all these Courses is  given in the Current PN Wall Calendar, each course is inducted twice a year. The advertisement is published in English & Urdu Newspapers. For more information, you may visit your nearest PN Recruitment & Selection Centre as well.
Q Who all are ineligible for applying in PN Cadet/SSC/PNVR Course?
A Following are ineligible to apply for officer cadres:

  • Applied thrice in the past in the same cadre.
  • Referred/temporary unfit by CMHs/PNS SHIFA during medical and failed to submit their final result.
  • Twice rejected/screened out by ISSB( except SSC candidates who are post graduated and have availed only one chance of ISSB after their Master).
  • Resigned/Dismissed/Withdrawn from Armed Forces Training Institutions.
  • Dismissed/removed from Government services
  • Convicted by a court of law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
  • Declared Medically unfit by an Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board.
  • Submitting tampered original academic certificates.
  • Concealment of information in the application form.
Q What does it mean, key requirements?
A Its mean that the information being asked on this page is very important and no space should be left blank.


Q How can I get information about nearest PN Recruitment and Selection Centre in my area?
A Select your respective selection Centre by clicking the tab on home page “ SELECTION CENTRES”.  City names where these selection centres are located shall appear.
Q I don\\\’t have any middle name?
A Leave  Middle Name space  blank.




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