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Girls and Boys ratio in Medical colleges and in Medical Field

Wasif Nagi often writes about the current situation of private and Govt Medical colleges. In his this column he pointed out the massive percentage of girls (70%)  in medical colleges while their actual ratio in the field is just equal to nothing. This situation is maintained for last ten years. The 30 % male doctors after graduation escape to abroad and in far off areas of Pakistan there is sever need of doctors. Govt should fix the quota for females in medicine to overcome the health problems in the country .

It is true that now it has become trend to do MBBS for good rishtas. Mostly parents send their daughters in the medical field just for their ‘Rishta’ . This is really alarming situation that boys are coming in medicine in very less %.

Last year it was heard that Punjab Govt. has fix 50 50 quota for girls and boys in medical colleges but it was just rumour. Govt is not serious in health field at all.

On other side it is fact that girls are more hardworking and studious and they easily get admissions in medicine while it is not same for boys.