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UHS Mcat Syllabus of Medical / Dental Colleges Entrance Test 2014

University of Health Sciences Lahore has not changed the syllabus for entry test of medical and dental colleges 2014. Officially UHS has uploaded the MCAT syllabus 2014 on its website in which you can see only the instruction of Compulsory APTITUDE FEEDBACK FOR ENTRANCE TEST 2014 as below is copied. Nothing else is mentioned on this syllabus uploaded on 24th of May 2014.

This shows that syllabus is same as it was in 2011,2012 and 2013 .

MCAT students prepare entry test with old syllabus.

The humour about F.Sc , MACT and Matric percentage was also echoing this year. It was heard that UHS has changed the weightage  for MCAT as 70 % FSc and 30 %  Entry Test but this seems just humour . All pattern is same with previous years.

You can download the MCAT syllabus from below link.

MCAT Syllabus 2014

The download link is MCAT 2013 syllabus and the in the MCAT 2014 syllabus file only below paragraph was found .

Note : This news is based on the UHS uploaded syllabus 2014.

For further MCAT Latest News and updated keep in touch with Educational Blog and UHS website. Thank You !



A compulsory feedback shall be administered to all candidates
after the completion of Entrance Test 2014, collection and secure
packing of the Question Papers and Response Forms. The feedback is
for University and Government use only and SHALL NOT IN ANY WAY
affect the merit of the candidates.