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UHS 2nd year MBBS Physiology supply paper 2014

MBBS First professional Part II

Physiology  ( Seqs)

Marks : 45  Time : 2:15 minutes

Q1: Give a summary of functions of proximal tubule of nephron. 5

Q2: a) Give factors that contribute to hyperosmolarity of mudullary interstitial fluid in the kidney.3

b)How is this hyperosmolarity of renal mudullary interstitium maintained ? 2

Q3:A young man without shoes is walking. His foot strikes  a pointed object lying on the ground. He feels pain:

a)Which reflex is activated and what will be the response? 2

b)Give receptors , reflex arc and features of this reflex.3

Q4:A person has loudly called your name and you have turned your head towards the incoming sound.

a)Give the mechanism by which you can detect the direction from which sound comes .3.5

b)Which region of the brain works to turn our eyes and head towards a strong sound ? How ? 1.5

Q5: A patient of 55 years with hemiplegia consults a physician who diagnoses him to have upper motor neuron lesion. Give featueres of this lesion. 5

Q6:A woman of 45 years with adenoma of the adrenal cortex is having hypersecretion of adrenocortical hormones. Her plasma ACTH level is low.

a)From which disorder the woman is suffering?1

b)Give features of this disease in detail .4

Q7: A woman od 50 years presents with bagginess under the eyes , swelling of face , intolerance to cold,increased sleep , and constipation. On clinical examination, her pulse rate is 60/minute and she has edema of legs. Her serum cholesterol level is also very high.

a)      From which disorder she is suffering from?1

b)      What is the type and cause of her edema?2

c)       What change do you expect in her plasma TSH level?1

d)      What is endemic colloid goiter?1

Q8: Give the physiological basis of :

a)      Menopause

b)      Lactational amenorrhea

Q9:Outline features and functions of the enteric nervous system .5  ( Dated :14-03-2014)