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UHS 2nd year MBBS Anatomy supply paper 2014

MBBS First professional part II

Anatomy ( including histology) SEQs Marks : 45 ,, Time 2:15 min

Q1: Draw and label a diagram to show the histological section of trachea.5

Q2: Enumerate the musculoskeletal derivatives of 2nd pharyngeal arch mentioning their nerve supply. Give the embryological basis of 1st arch syndrome. 3,1,1

Q3:Draw and label a transverse section of medulla oblongata at the level of the decussation of pyramids.5

Q4: Give the extent of the body of lateral ventricle of cereberum. Name the structures forming its various boundaries. How does this ventricle communicate with the 3rd ventricle cavity.?1,3,1

Q5:Give the peritoneal relations of rectum in males. What is arterial supply of this organ.3,2

Q6:Give the extent and course of the spermatic cord. Enumerate its contents. What structures , if obstructes in case of torsion of the cord , is responsible for odema and hemorrhage in the cord?1.5,2.5,1

Q7: A young boy with svere pain in the right iliac fossa was clinically diagnosed to have appendicitis. He said that this pain commenced as a vague pain in his periumblical region.

a)      Give reasons for this pain being referred to the periumbilical region.1

b)      Enumerate any four anatomical positions of appendix. Name the most commonly occurring position. What  is McBurney`s point.3,2

Q8: Give the boundaries of submandibular triangle of the neck. Enumerate the neurovascular structures contained within this triangle.3,2

Q9: A boy with enlarged cervical lymph nodes came to the hospital. Examnation of the oral cavity revealed a cut on the left lateral margin of his tongue which seemed infected.

a)      Name the lymph nodes most likely enlarged this case. Give the lymphatic drainage of posterior 1/3rd of tongue.1,1.5

b)      Give the formation of pharyngeal plexus. What component of the tongue is supplied by the plexus. 1.5,1

Dated : 11-03-2014