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UHS Physiology 1st year MBBS Supply paper 2014

MBBS 1st professional part I

Physiology Suuply paper 2014

Marks : 45

Time 2:15 hours

Attempt all Questions

Q 1 : Write briefly about :

a)      Functions of Golgi Apparatus 2.5

b)      Phagocytosis 2.5

Q 2 : A 10 year old boy has history of prolonged bleeding after minor injuries. None of his sisters but one of his brother has similar complaint On investigation his clotting time is 32 mins ( 6-8 minutes)

Platelet count is 300,00 micro liter

a)      What is condition boy suffering from ? 1

b)      What is the cause of this condition ? 1.5

c)       Why none of his sister but male subling is affected ? 1.5

d)      What is the treatment.1

Q 3 : a) Blood of which group does not contain A , B and Rh agglutinins ? 1

B)What is the significance of this group ? 1

c)       Which blood group incompatibility is common in new born babies? Give features of this condition. 2

d)      How can this blood group incompatibility can be preventive ? 1

Q 4 : A student while working on a research assignment stimulated a mixed nerve and recorded action potentional:

a)      Name the type of action potentional  . 1

b)      What are physiologic basis of production of this action potential .? 2

c)       What is refractory period , give its types ? 1,1

Q 5 : Draw and label neuromuscular junction and give its steps of neuromuscular transmission. 1,4

Q 6 : What is hypoxia ? Give different types of hypoxia.  1 , 4

Q 7 : Draw ventricular muscle action potential ; give role of different ionic  channels in this action potential . 1 , 4

Q 8 :Explian pathophysiology of progressive shock . 5

Q 9: A 38 year old man is waiting for train on a railway platform. The environmental temp is 3 degree.

a)      Which mechanism will maintain body temperature in this cold environment

b)      What is behavioural control of body temperature.?

c)       What is set point for temperature control ?