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UHS Biochemistry 1st year MBBS Supply Paper 2014

Date of taken: 20 Feb 2014

MBBS First Professional Part I

Biochemistry ( SEQs)

Marks : 45

Time : 2 Hours and 15 minutes

Attempt All questions

Q1: a)What are hepthelicular receptors ? Enumerate the second messengers produced through hepthhelicular receptors. 2.5

b)How the components of a chemical buffer system act to regulate the pH of its solution ? 2.5

Q 2 : What are oligosaccharides ? Give their role . 1,4

Q 3 : a)Enumerate the unsaturated fatty acids of dietary importance which does not undergo auto-oxidation to generate dangerous free radicals.1

b)Give the beneficial functions of cholesterol. 4

Q 4 : a) Give the forces responsible for maintaining tertiary organization if protein structure. 2

b) Enumerate the types of immunoglobulins. Which one is raised first of all in response to bacterial and viral infections? 3

Q 5 : Give the pathway of degradation of AMP . Which disease occurs due to deficincey of adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase ? 3 , 2

Q 6:a) Enumerate all mechanisms through which enzyme activity is regulated . 4

b)A patient with acute chest pain reached the cardiology ward after  12 hours of onset of pain and was diagnosed a cause of acute myocardial infarction on ECG . Which plasma enzymes will  be specifically raised at this time confirming the diagnosis . 1

Q 7 : Enumerate the vitamins showing antioxidant activity. 3

b)The gut of a patient having severe chronic liver disease developing semicomatose state was kept sterilized by the use of non-abosrable antibiotics. With the result of his bleeding time was more prolonged,though his level of consciousness was improved.

i-Which nutrient become deficient? 1

ii-Why the bleeding time was prolonged ? 1

Q 8 : a) The energy yielding nutrients are carbohydrates , proteins and fats. Which nutrient intake will you restrict for your :

i)Diabetic patient

ii)Cardiac patient

iii)Patient of liver disese ( hepatits)

iv) Patient of kidney failure ( 4)

b) A patient presented with pallor, On investigation his Hb =07 gm/dl ( Normal 12-17 gm/dl) and RBC morphology hypochromic and microcytic picture. Which nutrient is deficient  in this patient ? 1

Q 9 : a) A patient presented in emergency ward due to a road side accident. On examination the lower limbs were tender due to severe muscular trauma. He passed red colored urine which on examination was negative for RBC and Hb. What is the cause of red colored urine? 1

b) Enumerate the types of normal hb during various stages of normal human life. 4