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Private Medical Colleges the Best Business in Pakistan

Wasif Nagi the fanous writer of Jang Newspaper has pointed a very critical situation in medical sector of Pakistan. Priavte medical colleges are really very fast growing business in Pakistan theses days. Medical colleges are opening like schools in cities and they are granting degrees in 5 million to Pakistanis . He has well said in his column that what will they do for humanity by expending such a huge amount on MBBS degree they will not be the doctors but the butchers and more than a business man who always tries to fulfill his loss by hook or by crook means.

Dear Pakistanis , dont limit your mind to only Doctors and engineers . Dont waste your money in buying such type of degree. Dont put yourself and your sons and daughters in trouble. I know how parents pay priavte medical colleges fees . Think think and think

Read an eye opener column bt wasif Nagi