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University of Lahore 1st MBBS Merit List 2013-14

The Univeristy of Lahore
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Merit List – Annual 2013 Admissions – Sort on Reg.No
1.Last date of Fee Submission for the Selected Applicants is 20 November 2013.
2.Letters of admission and Fee Challan forms have been sent to Selected Applicants at their home addresses.
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Status
1 B.BMS02133011 Tasneem Shoukat Shoukat Majeed Selected
2 B.BMS02133093 Abiha Taj Syed Taj Mohammad Shah Selected
3 B.BMS02133094 Ayesha Tahir Muhammad Tahir Naseer Bajwa Selected
4 B.BMS02133096 Syeda Rimza Taj Syed Taj Muhammad Shah Selected
5 B.BMS021331003 Mashal Mumtaz Mumtaz Hussain Zahid Selected
6 B.BMS021331005 Shaila Riaz Riaz Hussain Selected
7 B.BMS021331006 Muhammad Aqib Riaz Riaz Hussain Selected
8 B.BMS021331009 Kinza Tehreem Qaiser Butt Selected
9 B.BMS021331011 Muhammad Ahmad  Raza Muhammad Manzoor Hussain Selected
10 B.BMS021331016 Zain Ul Abedin Faqir Ahmed Selected
11 B.BMS021331023 Zarmeen Shahbaz Shahbaz Sarfraz Ahmed Selected
12 B.BMS021331028 Aniqa Zainab Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Selected
13 B.BMS021331037 Khushbakht Mehmood Baloch Tajmmal Mahmood Bloch Selected
14 B.BMS021331041 Tehreem Azmat Azmat Rashid Selected
15 B.BMS021331043 Muhammad Sufyan Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Selected
16 B.BMS021331044 Kashaf Naveed Muhammad Naveed Selected
17 B.BMS021331047 Aish Malik Malik Muhammad Shaiq Selected
18 B.BMS021331055 Maryam Mazhar Mazhar Javed Selected
19 B.BMS021331057 Sana Afzal Muhammad Afzal Selected
20 B.BMS021331063 Shabaz Ahmed Khan Muhammad Din Selected
21 B.BMS021331081 Muhammad Sajid Saeed Saeed Ahmad Khan Selected
22 B.BMS021331082 Maheen Saeed Saeed Akhtar Selected
23 B.BMS021331090 Maha Waheed Muhammad Abdul Waheed Selected
24 B.BMS021331092 Jahanzaib Jahangir Chughtai Muhammad Jahangir Najam Selected
25 B.BMS021331094 Zubda Chaudhry Mian Mushtaq Ali Shker Selected
26 B.BMS021331095 Anam Iftikhar Selected
27 B.BMS021331102 Saban Muzaffar Selected
28 B.BMS021331104 Ayesha Shehzadi Selected
29 B.BMS021331107 Sara Yaseen Selected
30 B.BMS021331109 Mohsin Fayyaz Selected
31 B.BMS021331111 Hasnain Hamza Tariq Selected
32 B.BMS02133117 Ammara Javed Ashiq Javed Selected
33 B.BMS02133163 Mahnoor Fatima Shah Mohammad Selected
34 B.BMS02133181 Mubeshar Hassan Ghulam Abbas Selected
35 B.BMS02133191 Tayyib Saeed Abdul Saeed Selected
36 B.BMS02133197 Sidra Bilal Muhammad umar Bilal Selected
37 B.BMS02133212 Maryam Tariq Tariq Mehmood Selected
38 B.BMS02133234 Sabahat Hussain Khadim Hussain Selected
39 B.BMS02133236 Aqsa Chaudhry Muhammad Tahir Selected
40 B.BMS02133239 Hafiz Muhammad Umair Ahmad Muhammad Ali Selected
41 B.BMS02133270 Fatima Wajiha Muhammad Akhtar Selected
42 B.BMS02133273 Zunaira Tariq Tariq Mehmood Selected
43 B.BMS02133315 Anayat Ullah Pir Bakhsh Khan Talpur Selected
44 B.BMS02133321 Aqsa Aslam Muhammad Aslam Selected
45 B.BMS02133325 Shahab Safdar Ghulam Safdar Selected
46 B.BMS02133328 Ghanwa Salman Dr Mohd Salman Selected
47 B.BMS02133342 Fatima Saleem Dr Muhammad Saleem Khan Selected
48 B.BMS02133343 Arslan Ahmed Muhammad Amin Selected
49 B.BMS02133345 Irsa Ismail Muhammad Ismail Selected
50 B.BMS02133373 Rida Zahid Dr Zahid Farooq Selected
51 B.BMS02133376 Shahid Jamal Jamal Muhammad Shad Selected
52 B.BMS02133381 Zahra Khan Majida Bano Selected
53 B.BMS02133384 Maman Ashfaq Butt Muhammad Ashfaq Butt Selected
54 B.BMS02133386 Muneeb Ul Hassan Slam Ul Din Selected
55 B.BMS02133397 Wajiha Asif Asif Ali Selected
56 B.BMS02133407 Muhammad Furqan Sharif Muhammad Sharif Selected
57 B.BMS02133410 Shaima Yasmeen Tariq Dr Mohammad Tariq Chaudry Selected
58 B.BMS02133431 Rabia Manzoor Manzoor Muhammad Malik Selected
59 B.BMS02133436 Mudassir Hussain Liaqat Ali Selected
60 B.BMS02133448 Atia Riaz Riaz Ahmed Warriach Selected
61 B.BMS02133471 Mubashara Mushaq Muhammad Mushtaq Ajiz Selected
62 B.BMS02133484 Wasiqa Javaid Muhammad Javaid Iqbal Selected
63 B.BMS02133488 Shoaib Ahmed Muhammad Ishaq Selected
64 B.BMS02133498 Maah Rukh Irshad Hussain Khan Selected
65 B.BMS02133500 Ayesha Khalid Khalid Rasool Selected
66 B.BMS02133508 Arsalaan Mohsin Muhammad Mohsin Selected
67 B.BMS02133513 Muhammad Ayat Ullah Akhtar Abbas Selected
68 B.BMS02133520 Irum Khalid Abdul Khaliq Khalid Selected
69 B.BMS02133527 Farah Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa Selected
70 B.BMS02133531 Mubarra Babar Muhammad Babar Selected
71 B.BMS02133532 Sana Shahid Rana Shahid Iqbal Selected
72 B.BMS02133534 Fakhar un Nisa Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Selected
73 B.BMS02133553 Sana Kainat Muhammad Hanif Rana Selected
74 B.BMS02133578 Aabiya Jamil Jamil Ahmad Selected
75 B.BMS02133587 Maha Shahid Shahid Saleem Qureshi Selected
76 B.BMS02133590 Sana Arshad Muhammad Arshad Selected
77 B.BMS02133594 Syed Sami Haider Syed Abrar Haider Selected
78 B.BMS02133600 Aneeqa Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Tahir Selected
79 B.BMS02133601 Areeba Amjad Mian Muhammad Amjad Selected
80 B.BMS02133616 Fareen Sarfraz Muhammad Sarfraz Hussain Selected
81 B.BMS02133629 Muhammad Jahanzaib Sabeeh Muhammad Sabeeh Selected
82 B.BMS02133641 Sajida Karamat Karamat Ali Selected
83 B.BMS02133643 Ameena Azeemi Mirza Muhammad Aamir Mirza Selected
84 B.BMS02133653 Mariam Tariq Awana Tariq Mahmood Awana Selected
85 B.BMS02133656 Risham Javed Mohammad Javaid Ramdhawa Selected
86 B.BMS02133666 Sehar Fatima Muhammad Rasheed Selected
87 B.BMS02133668 Mishelle Waris Waris Ali Selected
88 B.BMS02133671 Hafiz Mohsin Shah Syed Ahmad Shah Selected
89 B.BMS02133687 Muhammad Ali Khizar Hayat Selected
90 B.BMS02133693 Muhammad Mudassar Sttar Dr. Abdul Sttar Selected
91 B.BMS02133702 Umme- Kalsoom Muhammad Saeed Sial Selected
92 B.BMS02133705 Rida – e – Zahra Asif Raza Yousaf Selected
93 B.BMS02133716 Hafsa Rasheed Abdul- Rasheed Anjum Selected
94 B.BMS02133721 Ayesha sadiq Sadiq Ali Selected
95 B.BMS02133741 Mubashir Ali Nasir Dur Muhammad Nasir Selected
96 B.BMS02133744 Fizza Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob Selected
97 B.BMS02133745 Fatima Javed Javed Aziz Selected
98 B.BMS02133747 Arisha Fatima M. Shafique zahid Selected
99 B.BMS02133754 Shumaila Jalil Jalil Ahmed Selected
100 B.BMS02133761 Iqra Khalid Muhammad Khalid Malik Selected
101 B.BMS02133768 Anam Saleh Saleh Muhammad Selected
102 B.BMS02133769 Shamsa Kanwal ashiq Hussain Selected
103 B.BMS02133772 Hira Saeed Mirza Asif Saeed Selected
104 B.BMS02133781 Muhammad Abu Bakar Shakeel Ahmad Selected
105 B.BMS02133787 Zahra Ejaz Ejaz Sikandar Selected
106 B.BMS02133792 Own Abbas Kafait Ahmad Selected
107 B.BMS02133798 Mohsin Muhammad Bhatti Muhammad Altaf Bhatti Selected
108 B.BMS02133803 Zarnab Ijaz Ch. Ijaz Ahmad Selected
109 B.BMS02133813 Muhammad Waleed Shahbaz Ahmed Selected
110 B.BMS02133820 Farwa Islam Abdul Salam Selected
111 B.BMS02133832 Amna Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas Selected
112 B.BMS02133833 Fatima Rehman Anjum Ur Rehman Selected
113 B.BMS02133837 Ahmad Raza Muhammad Aslam Selected
114 B.BMS02133839 Taha Ali Tasleem Abid Ali Tasleem Selected
115 B.BMS02133848 Faiza Khalid Khalid Mehmood Selected
116 B.BMS02133850 Shohab Akram Dr Muhammad Akram Selected
117 B.BMS02133865 Maha Tariq Tariq Mehmood Selected
118 B.BMS02133866 Amir Mahmood Shahzad Hadayat Ali Selected
119 B.BMS02133869 Wardah Ayub Dr. Muhammad Ayub Selected
120 B.BMS02133893 Umar Ghaffar Muhammad Ghaffar Selected
121 B.BMS02133894 Khadija Ashfaq Muhammad Ashfaq Selected
122 B.BMS02133895 Syed Hamza Hassan Syed Suhail Hassan Selected
123 B.BMS02133915 Sana Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali Selected
124 B.BMS02133926 Muhammad Usman Safdar Safdar Mahmood Selected
125 B.BMS02133931 Asma Shahrukh Arshad Ali Selected
126 B.BMS02133948 Ihsan Bashir Muhammad Bashir Selected
127 B.BMS02133950 Aleena Naeem Khan Naeem Ahmed Tahir Selected
128 B.BMS02133974 Saleh Sarfraz Sarfraz Ahmad Selected
129 B.BMS02133976 Shanza Rana Dr Sher Muhammad Rana Selected
130 B.BMS02133997 Noreena Aslam Muhammad Aslam Selected