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University of Lahore 1st BDS Merit List 2013-14

The Univeristy of Lahore
Merit List – Annual 2013 Admissions – Sort on Reg.No
1.Last date of Fee Submission for the Selected Applicants is 20 November 2013.
2.Letters of admission and Fee Challan forms have been sent to Selected Applicants at their home addresses.
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Status
1 B.BDS01133003 Arwa Shakil Muhammad Shakil Selected
2 B.BDS01133016 Ayesha Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Selected
3 B.BDS01133018 Sehar Ayub muhammsd Ayub Warraich Selected
4 B.BDS01133027 Asad Mahmood Khan Gulraiz Mahmood Khan Selected
5 B.BDS01133028 Palvisha Imran Muhammad Imran Khan Selected
6 B.BDS01133032 Hira Irfan Dr. Muhammad Irfan Selected
7 B.BDS01133036 Ghulam Fatima Muhammad Mushtaq Selected
8 B.BDS01133045 Mahnoor Shakil Muhammad Shakil Selected
9 B.BDS01133047 Nayab Noor Noor Ahmed Selected
10 B.BDS01133057 Noor-Ul-Ain S. Ashfaq Hussain Shah Selected
11 B.BDS01133064 Zainab Arif Muhammad Arif Selected
12 B.BDS01133066 Mubashar Ali Rao Muhammad Ali Selected
13 B.BDS01133073 Fatima Khalid Khalid Mahmood Selected
14 B.BDS01133076 Aqsa Javed Muhammad Javed Iqbal Selected
15 B.BDS01133086 Anum Shahid Talat Mehmood Shahid Selected
16 B.BDS01133087 Kahkash Sheikh Mujahid Sheikh Selected
17 B.BDS01133088 Nisha Zahoor Malik Zahoor Ilahi Selected
18 B.BDS01133095 Haseeb Hassan Zehra Hassan Selected
19 B.BDS01133097 Aimen Imtiaz Imtiaz Ahmed Selected
20 B.BDS01133099 Sania Khalid Khalid Mehmood Ranjha Selected
21 B.BDS01133102 Muhammad Awais Sajjad Zaheer Selected
22 B.BDS01133105 Mishal Fatima Jaffery Nisar Haider Jaffery Selected
23 B.BDS01133106 Kaynat Dhillon Abaid Ullah Dhillon Selected
24 B.BDS01133115 Ramsha Zaheer Zaheer Yousaf Selected
25 B.BDS01133123 Hadia Javed Raja Javed Akhter Selected
26 B.BDS01133124 Miral Khan Tareen Raza Ali Khan Tareen Selected
27 B.BDS01133129 Saba Ahmed Mohammad Saqib Selected
28 B.BDS01133131 Rida Afzal Muhammad Afzal Selected
29 B.BDS01133134 Esha Idrees Muhammad Idrees Selected
30 B.BDS01133147 Sara Tahir Selected
31 B.BMS02133031 Ufaq Zehra Qaisar Abbas Selected
32 B.BMS02133034 Aqsa Rafique Muhammad Rafique Selected
33 B.BMS02133040 Faizan Sajid Sajid Ul Qadeer Selected
34 B.BMS02133049 Hajra Rasheed Dr.Rasheed Ahmed Selected
35 B.BMS02133081 Maria Younas Muhammad Younas Selected
36 B.BMS021331004 Muhammad Ali Saleem Ahmed Selected
37 B.BMS021331017 Zirwa Sarfraz Muhammad Sarfraz Selected
38 B.BMS021331020 Hadiqa Zahid Parvez Selected
39 B.BMS021331027 Sundas Mustafa Dr.Ghulam Mustafa Selected
40 B.BMS021331034 Bushra Aimen Mian Muhammad Aamer Ali Selected
41 B.BMS021331053 Muhammad Waleed Dar Maqsood Ahmed Dar Selected
42 B.BMS021331070 Rahma Zafar Khan Zafar Ullah Khan Selected
43 B.BMS021331077 Ayatun Aslam Ch Muhammad Aslam Selected
44 B.BMS021331106 Maria Ahmad Selected
45 B.BMS02133112 Nimra Komal Muhammad Arif Selected
46 B.BMS02133125 Tehseen Nasir Syed Nasir Shah Bukhari Selected
47 B.BMS02133140 Fatima Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar Abid Selected
48 B.BMS02133176 Adil Saeed Kazi Kazi Muhammad Saeed Selected
49 B.BMS02133178 Hassan Saeed Buzdar Saeed Akhtar Selected
50 B.BMS02133210 Raiha Aamir barry Aamir Ata Barry Selected
51 B.BMS02133220 Hajra Maqsood Maqsood Ahmed Selected
52 B.BMS02133225 Danyal Nadeem Mohammad Nadeem Sardar Selected
53 B.BMS02133242 Shayan Ahmad Muhammad Arshad Selected
54 B.BMS02133250 Ujyala Saleem Asghar M Saleem Asghar Selected
55 B.BMS02133282 Faiza Zafar Zafar Iqbal Selected
56 B.BMS02133308 Salman Ahmed Iftikhar Ahmed Selected
57 B.BMS02133327 Eiraj Dr.Zahid Iqbal Selected
58 B.BMS02133331 Hina Waqar Waqar Azeem Selected
59 B.BMS02133332 Rabia Tariq Tariq Hussain Selected
60 B.BMS02133336 Risham Raqeeb Rao Abdul Raqeeb Khan Selected
61 B.BMS02133388 Anam Wahid Rana Abdul Wahid Abid Selected
62 B.BMS02133398 Nawal Khalid Khalid Hussain Selected
63 B.BMS02133399 Aina Rizwan Rizwan Shahzad Selected
64 B.BMS02133418 Iman Moghees Moghees Ahmad Saadi Selected
65 B.BMS02133430 Ishaque Khalid Khalid Iqbal Selected
66 B.BMS02133478 Fiza Batool Abid Hussain Bhatti Selected
67 B.BMS02133529 Muhammad Usman Liaqat Ali Selected
68 B.BMS02133565 Muhammad Imam Moosvi Asghar Imam Kazmi Selected
69 B.BMS02133568 Maryam Fatima Muhammad Ikram Selected
70 B.BMS02133595 Aamna Amjad Mohammad Amjad Toor Selected
71 B.BMS02133612 Ayesha Shamakh Abdul Rehman Selected
72 B.BMS02133660 Shamoon Atif Atif Anwaar Selected
73 B.BMS02133684 Syeda Amina Hassan Sarwat Abbas Selected
74 B.BMS02133697 Urooj Fatima Muhammad Ayaz Selected
75 B.BMS02133706 Zaeem Ul Hassan Muhammad Yousif Selected
76 B.BMS02133714 Fatima Tariq Tariq Mahmood Selected
77 B.BMS02133718 Sara Khalid Khalid Aziz Selected
78 B.BMS02133764 Amal Shabbir Muhammad Shabbir Selected
79 B.BMS02133796 Arisha Zafar Mehmood Zafar Selected
80 B.BMS02133809 Muhammad Zeerak Ali Muhammad Akhtar Ali Selected
81 B.BMS02133819 Khawar Ali Nazar Muhammad Selected
82 B.BMS02133831 Khubaib Tahir Ch Muhammad Tahir Selected
83 B.BMS02133863 Alina Saghir Muhammad Saghir Selected
84 B.BMS02133889 Maheen Azeem Sheikh Muhammad Azeem Selected
85 B.BMS02133891 Fareeha Tabassum Khadim Hussain Selected
86 B.BMS02133909 Asad Wahab Arshad Mahmood Selected
87 B.BMS02133919 Mehak Baloch Muhammad Ashraf Khan Selected
89 B.BMS02133983 Sundas Kashaf Ghulam Abbas Raja Selected
90 B.BMS02133989 Sikandar Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Shahid Selected