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IUB revised schedule of displaying merit lists 2013

Admission Schedule 2013-14


The Admission Committee, keeping in view the delay in result of Board of Intermediate, after thorough discussion, unanimously recommended the revised schedule for Bachelors & Masters admissions 2013-14.

Morning Programs


Evening Programs

First Merit List04-10-2013 (Friday)First Merit List21-10-2013 (Monday)


Last date to pay dues07-10-2013(Monday)Last date to pay dues23-10-2013(Wednesday)


Second Merit List08-10-2013 (Tuesday)Second Merit List24-10-2013(Thursday)


Last date to pay dues10-10-2013 (Thursday)Last date to pay dues28-10-2013 (Monday)


Third Merit List11-10-2013 (Friday)Third Merit List29-10-2013 (Tuesday)


Last date to pay dues14-10-2013 (Monday)Last date to pay dues31-10-2013


Commencement of Classes of New Admission (M&E):  4th November, 2013 (Monday)


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