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Fee Structure MBBS Lahore Medical and Dental College 2013

Fee Structure

College Fee: 
Applicants are advised to study carefully the rates of various fees to be paid to the college, before making an application for admission. They have to ensure that sufficient financial arrangements exist for a course of study that lasts for at least 5 years for M.B.B.S. and 4 years for B.D.S.

Foreign Tuition Fee: 

All students coming from foreign countries will have to pay their fees in US dollars. Furthermore, whether or not foreign national, all students whose sustaining parents source of income is outside Pakistan, will be required to pay foreign rate of tuition fee in US dollars. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Fee Structure Detail:

Prospectus Fee                                               Rs: 2,500/-
Admission Fee                                                Rs: 50,000/-
Tuition Fee                                                     Rs: 595,000/-
University /Admin Service Charges                   Rs: 38,000/-
University Registration Fee                               Rs: 15,600/-
PMDC Regd. Fee                                            Rs: 2000/-
Refundable Security                                         Rs: 50,000/-

(In case of death of parents, tuition fee and security of the students will be waved off for the whole of remaining period)


1. In the event of imposition of sales tax, value added tax or any other tax by the government, university or any other lawful authority, the institution shall be authorized to charge these taxes from the date of imposition of these taxes.
2. The institution has the right to revise the fee and other charges at any time in case of unusual and high inflation or  rise in the cost of services.
3. The students are allowed to pay the college charges through demand draft or pay order drawn in favor of Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore.

4. The college will refund tuition fee in accordance with the policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

5. The students are bound to pay their outstanding dues at proper time and college is not obliged to remind for the same.

6. The college notifies fee payments date well in time through notices. Any delay in the payment will render the student liable for paying fine and their annual examination forms are also likely to be withheld.
7. No student will be allowed to appear in the university examination unless he/she has cleared all  college dues  before the registration date of examinations.
8. The students shall pay all additional charges levied by the government, university or any other regulatory authority and also he/she will pay the revised fee structure,   hostel and transport charges, necessitated by the extra ordinary circumstances.

Delay in Payment:

It is mandatory for all students to pay annual tuition fee and other charges by the due date positively. In case of non-payment by the due date, the fine will be imposed as under depending upon the delay in paying the tuition fee and other charges.

a. A fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged from the students if fee and other charges are paid within 30 days of due date.

b. A fine of Rs. 200/-per day will be charged from the students if fee and other charges are paid after 30 days of due date.

c. If a student fails to pay fee and other charges after 60 days of due date without any valid reason,he will be suspended from attending classes till he/she pays the dues   with fine.

d. If a student does not pay fee and other charges after 90 days of due date without solid reason, his/her name will be struck off from the college rolls. In case of re-             admission  he/she will have to pay full admission fee.